IBM ISPF is a multi-faceted development tool set for IBM Z

IBM® Interactive System Productivity Facility, or ISPF, provides host-based software development, including software configuration management. With ISPF, you can manipulate source code and data stored on a host and work with interactive applications called dialogs. Programmers can use ISPF to develop and document batch and interactive programs. IBM Z® systems administrators and systems programmers can use ISPF to monitor and control program libraries and communications with IBM z/OS®.


Save time

Develop end user dialogs and display capabilities using ISPF Dialog Manager, without having to code display functions.

Increase efficiency

Work directly with source code and data stored on the host through Program Development Facility (PDF), a panel-driven menu interface and service facility.

Leverage enhanced z/OS UNIX support

Take advantage of a powerful ISPF z/OS UNIX Directory List Utility that supports processing of directories and files in a z/OS UNIX directory structure.

Enhance flexibility

Use the Interactive ISPF Gateway to enable applications to run programs that are interactive, issuing TSO/ISPF conversational mode commands.

IBM Interactive System Productivity Facility features

  • ISPF Dialog Manager to develop end user dialogs
  • Program Development Facility (PDF) panel-driven interface
  • Support for z/OS UNIX directories and files
  • Interactive ISPF Gateway
  • Message enhancements for PDSE v2 member generations (New in z/OS V2R5)
  • Support for SUBSYS parameter on the ISPF SUBMIT command (New in z/OS V2R5)