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Get ready for the CSRD with IBM® Envizi™

Collect, manage and report on your ESG data with IBM Envizi. Trusted globally by companies for over a decade.

Collect, manage and report on your environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data with IBM Envizi software, which has been trusted globally by companies for over a decade.

The IBM Envizi ESG Reporting Frameworks module simplifies the large-scale compilation, revision and reporting of ESG data to meet ESG disclosure requirements across multiple ESG frameworks. Ranging from organization specific custom disclosures, to regional disclosures and major international frameworks such as the Sustainability Accounting Standard Board (SASB), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

IBM supports the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) as a managed framework to help companies comply with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) alongside other reporting frameworks that IBM Envizi serves.

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ESG disclosures start as early as 2025 for some companies

Talk to us about how to start preparing your data now.

Resources to prepare for CSRD

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Meet CSRD requirements

The CSRD mandates that companies must report by using the ESRS, which involves gathering and analyzing thousands to tens of thousands date points. IBM Envizi's CSRD reporting software simplifies this process, helping companies meet their reporting obligations.

Embedded ESRS questions

The IBM Envizi ESG Suite embeds ESRS questions directly in the software so questions and answers can be viewed and managed in the one system.

Data collection and aggregation

IBM Envizi automates the collection and management of thousands of data types to support ESRS environmental disclosures. Social and governance qualitative responses can be formatted and aggregated to meet ESRS requirements.

Systematically and securely manage the response workflow

Securely manage response workflows with role-based access, collaboration tools, approval workflows, question guidance, audit trails and third-party access for verification purposes.

Extract data and prepare reports

The IBM Envizi streamlines CSRD reporting by facilitating report generation and data extraction in various formats. Report-ready data can be extracted in flexible formats to streamline the reporting process.

Module features
Streamline compliance with unified reporting Simplify your ESG reporting process across multiple frameworks, including ESRS, SASB and TCFD. Save time and reduce complexity by cross-referencing questions between frameworks and taking advantage of historical data on a single platform.

Securely manage responses Manage ESG reporting seamlessly by tracking real-time progress, automating data validation and simplifying collaboration, all while enhancing data quality and compliance.

Data governance and audit trails Comply with CSRD regulations through mandatory third-party assurance, ensuring transparency and accountability in disclosures.

Case study


As a multinational conglomerate with retail, banking, real estate, manufacturing, data analytics, reinsurance and insurance advisory businesses across multiple continents, sustainability was never an after-thought at Ikano Group. 

Read the case study

Preparing for CSRD

ESG disclosures start as early as the 2024 financial year for some companies. These resources have been designed to help companies prepare today, ahead of upcoming CSRD compliance requirements.

Getting real on CRSD reporting

Listen to Ikano Group describe their journey in preparing for CSRD reporting, from establishing solid governance structures to building a robust data foundation for reporting, leveraging Envizi’s comprehensive ESG software doubled by Ikano Insight’s data management expertise.

What is the CSRD?

Article explaining why the CSRD was introduced, compliance requirements, CSRD vs. the NFRD, and penalties for non-compliance.

Tackling the challenges of the CSRD

Download this guide from Verdantix, an independent research firm, commissioned by IBM, to learn how 400 sustainability executives and 350 net zero leaders address CSRD-mandated sustainability disclosures.

What is ESG data?

In this video we explain what ESG data is, what makes it so different from other data sets, and what to consider when you capture, manage and report on ESG data.

Who needs to comply with the CSRD? Prepare for compliance with the CSRD eBook Companies that already report to NFRD

Large listed banks, insurance and large companies already reporting under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NRFD).

Companies listed in the EU

All companies and their subsidiaries listed on EU regulated markets.

Large private companies

Large, private EU companies.

Non-EU companies doing business in the EU

Non-EU companies with significant business in the EU.  

Disclosure requirements start soon

For some companies, disclosure requirements start as early as the 2024 financial year.

Penalties for non-compliance 

Non-compliance can result in financial and administrative penalties.

Prepare for CSRD compliance today  

Talk to us about your planned CSRD reporting strategy, and how CSRD reporting software can help you achieve your upcoming disclosure requirements. Explore standard and premium package pricing below.  

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