Report to multiple ESG frameworks with one data set

It’s no wonder ESG reporting time is so stressful. Without a systematic process in place, managing multiple ESG disclosures and ensuring reports are finance-grade and fully auditable puts an immense strain on time and resources.

IBM Envizi: ESG Reporting Frameworks streamlines the management of compiling and reviewing the volumes of data needed across multiple teams and stakeholders. It includes over 1,000 questions from all major international reporting frameworks, such as SASB, GRI, UN SDGs and TCFD, which are kept up to date as reporting requirements change. In addition, responses can also be reused from previous years and similar responses can be reused across different frameworks.

ESG Reporting Frameworks from IBM Envizi

ESG Reporting Frameworks from IBM Envizi (03:04)


Keep it simple

Reduce reporting complexity by accessing all ESG performance data for multiple frameworks in a single, unified platform.

Avoid repetition

Save time by reusing similar responses across different frameworks, as well as responses from previous years.

Be the conductor

Systematically manage all of the questions, answers, teams, workflow and supporting documents required to align with external reporting frameworks.

Build corporate memory

Establish a systematic reporting process with finance-grade data management to make it easier for auditors to validate your ESG data.


More features

Workflow tools

Keep your team on track with workflow tools that motivate stakeholders to stay on task and on schedule throughout the process.

Multi-team support

Dashboard access for global teams eliminates the need for error-prone data collection methods, such as email and shared documents.

Export flexibility

Export specific fields or an entire report to PDF or Microsoft Word, including all attachments and supporting documentation.

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