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The IBM Sterling® B2B Integration SaaS Premium edition enables you to outsource your B2B integration to designated technical experts who work closely with you to meet complex B2B requirements. Enhance customer satisfaction with reliable service level agreements (SLAs) for your customers, suppliers, distributors, and other trading partners.

Use cases for the Premium edition include all the use cases for the Standard edition but are available as a managed service.

The ideal use cases for the premium edition are suitable for organizations that:

  • Experience a shortage of IT, electronic data interchange (EDI) or application programming interface (API) skills and require external expertise.

  • Seek fast and efficient onboarding of new customers and trading partners.

  • Desire rapid issue resolution through collaboration with their designated project executive and IBM support.

  • Aim to have an option that also offers B2B support for their trading partners.

Frictionless connectivity and the cloud to streamline partner connections
Benefits Connectivity

The platform offers a wide range of EDI standards and protocols, along with data translation and validation, making it easy to connect with any number of customers or trading partners.


The system provides end-to-end data insight at the document, transaction and business levels.

Partner management

The service enables rapid onboarding and efficient management of both partners and customers.


Its SaaS capabilities are designed to support both self-managed and IBM-managed custom deployments.


This solution is secure, scalable and reliable, suitable for a diverse range of demanding workloads.

Features The Premium edition includes all the features of the Standard edition and more. Compare edition features and pricing EDI/API experts

A dedicated project executive, with expertise in B2B integration, conducts regular requirement and business reviews, offering advice on optimizing your B2B integration. They manage all aspects of scheduled B2B projects, including resources, deliverables, dependencies, risk mitigation, and status reporting.

Deployment resources and skills

IBM mapping experts handle all data integration and translation tasks. They perform change management and resolve issues, helping to ensure seamless data handling.

On-going management

The service proactively supports the transaction process, including monitoring and troubleshooting data quality issues. It also provides proactive assistance in optimizing global EDI/API operations to eliminate roadblocks.

Optional support for your customers

IBM extends its support beyond just you, our customer, to include all your customers and trading partners, ensuring comprehensive assistance.

Case study

Discover how Formica Group expedited their B2B trade by using real-time transactional insights.

Discover how Formica Group expedited their B2B trade by using real-time transactional insights. Read the case study
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