What is IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog?

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog, powered by IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data, is a data catalog that is tightly integrated with an enterprise data governance platform. A data catalog can help your data citizens easily find, prepare, understand and use the data they need.

Watson Knowledge Catalog helps business users quickly discover, curate, categorize and share data assets, data sets, analytical models and their relationships with other members of your organization. It serves as a single source of truth for data engineers, data stewards, data scientists and business analysts to gain self-service access to data they can trust.

With data governance, data quality and active policy management, it helps your organization protect and govern sensitive data, trace data lineage and manage data lakes, so it’s ready for AI at scale.

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Find data

Discover more relevant assets quicker with intelligent recommendations powered by Watson™ and by peers across the organization.

Catalog data

Curate and shape analytical assets, including structured and unstructured data, machine-learning models and notebooks.

Govern data

Protect data misuse and confidently share assets, with automated, dynamic masking of sensitive data elements, and govern with active policy management.

Understand data and its quality

Automatically profile and classify structured and unstructured data, helping users understand data assets and their lineage.

Power data science

Seamless integration with Watson Studio helps data citizens to quickly drive productive use of their data in a suite of powerful data science, AI, machine-learning and deep-learning tools to build, train and deploy models.

Prepare data

Interactively discover, cleanse and prepare your data with a built-in data refinery. Understand data quality, data lineage and distribution through data-profile visualizations, built-in charts and statistics.

Connect data

Connect to more than 30 IBM and third-party data sources to catalog your data.

Deploy anywhere

Watson Knowledge Catalog has various deployment choices on IBM Cloud™ and can be run anywhere with IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data.

Accelerate your data

Connect with third-party external data sources, like Pitney Bowes, to bring location data, population data in to your analysis.

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