Meet Maximo Mobile

Empower technicians with intelligent mobile EAM to manage any asset, anytime, any place

Maximo transforms how organizations manage their assets

IBM Maximo® is a market-leading and fully integrated platform that uses advanced analytic tools and IoT data to improve operational availability and reduce risk. Now, OT and IT leaders have the tools to operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs. With multiple deployment models, you can maintain all asset types no matter where they reside, set up new assets quickly and upgrade enterprise asset management (EAM) software automatically for nonstop uptime, reduced costs and minimized risk.

Maximo Manage key benefits

Reduce downtime and costs

Optimize asset management and maintenance processes to improve operational performance.

Leverage embedded industry expertise

Use best-practice data models and workflows to accelerate your industry transformation.

Unify asset management processes

Use role-based workspaces to help teams across your enterprise focus on critical tasks and data.

Extend asset lifecycles

Enhance your return on assets with financial and performance analytics.

Optimize maintenance work processes

Build preventive and prescriptive approaches for your journey to predictive maintenance.

Modern and intuitive user experience

Enhance your EAM solution with powerful add-ons

Extend the value of Maximo with advanced, integrated management tools

See Maximo Asset Management in action