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Deliver the right asset operational data and step-by-step guidance to technicians when and where they need it with AI-powered assistance
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Connecting technicians with mobility and AI

From routine service calls to remote inspections, technicians succeed or fail based on their knowledge. Yet as assets become smarter and more connected, the information needed to maintain and manage them grows. How can fields technicians keep up? With AI and a mobile platform.

IBM Maximo® mobile solutions deliver remote and AI-based expert assistance, real-time asset history and operational data from wearables, safety sensors and diagnostic interfaces to the digital twin. Explore the mobile EAM solutions below and discover how intelligent mobile EAM can keep technicians connected and your organization productive.

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Benefits Boost technician productivity

Provide access to mobile-native features and AI-powered tools, so technicians have all the information they need to find solutions even in the most remote locations.

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Train workers and reduce knowledge gaps

Give a new generation of workers the information they need to do the job — including critical expert and institutional knowledge — all in the palm of their hand.

Identify problems and avoid downtime

Identify small problems before they become big issues with computer vision and AI-based visual inspection.

Break down silos and improve collaboration

Connect and empower everyone to work more effectively—from technicians completing tasks efficiently and supervisors monitoring work assignments, to planners optimizing schedules and inventory teams gaining real-time visibility into stock levels.

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Mobile Asset Lifecycle Management solution
Manage any asset, anytime, any place Maximo Mobile is a quick-to-implement platform that provides your maintenance team with the right asset data at the right time. It helps scale expertise, improve asset reliability and streamline operations. With instant access to work orders, asset history and spare parts, technicians can complete tasks faster, work independently and deliver high-quality results, even in remote locations. Learn more about Maximo Mobile See the three key features of the solution

Boost first-time fix rates with AI-driven mobile apps Maximo Mobile empowers technicians to conduct inspections and capture data with mobile devices. This data syncs with AI-powered IBM Maximo Visual Inspection for analysis and detection of defects and anomalies, which enables technicians to identify and address issues in real time. Learn more about Maximo Visual Inspection

Reduce errors and downtime with expert guidance in real time. With real-time remote assistance from experts, technicians can use the collective knowledge of the organization to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Experts remotely assist with repairs by using virtual collaboration and visual annotation, which provide detailed instructions and annotated graphics to clarify complex procedures.

Improve field productivity with geospatial mapping Viewing assigned tasks on a map allows technicians to visualize their work environment, optimize routes and travel to job sites efficiently, which reduces travel time and increases productivity. Real-time location tracking helps dispatchers allocate resources and respond to emergencies effectively. This smarter approach enhances customer satisfaction and helps deliver exceptional results.

Manage inventory on-the-go Streamlined inventory operations enable technicians to plan and prepare for tasks with real-time visibility into spare parts, materials and tools. Managers can approve or reject requests based on availability and priority. Storeroom clerks can issue, transfer and receive inventory items, and conduct cycle counts. This system reduces delays and downtime while increasing productivity and efficiency.
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