Political contributions and employee participation in politics

It is IBM's long-standing policy that we participate in politics as private citizens, not as IBMers. Therefore, it is the policy of the IBM Company not to make contributions of resources such as money, goods or services to political candidates or parties. This policy applies equally in all countries where IBM does business, regardless of whether or not such contributions are considered legal in any host country.

We encourage IBM employees to participate in political activity in their individual communities and countries. The company will do everything reasonable to accommodate employees who need to be away from work while running for or holding political office, or fulfilling significant party duties during a campaign or election. IBM will not pay employees for time off for political activity. However, if a country where IBM does business has a law that requires an employer to give time off, with pay, to any employee holding public office, then that law takes precedence.

Because IBM does business with many levels of government, we have instituted procedures designed to avoid conflict of interest situations for IBM employees holding government offices. These procedures must be followed.

In effect since December 19, 1975; replaces earlier policy dated December 20, 1966.