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Service Jam

Service Jam, held October 10-12, 2010 has now concluded. Over 15,000 individuals from 119 countries registered to participate in the Jam, which brought together a global mix of perspectives to discuss, debate and discover the possibilities of new solutions to long-standing societal challenges. Leaders from many sectors united to drive conversations on not only what is happening today, but also how we might improve service tomorrow. We hope that Service Jam provided you with insights, an opportunity to share your thoughts, and promising ideas.

IBM, in collaboration with key partners, has published a white paper to summarize key findings and highlight creative ideas generated by Service Jam to share with participants. This document will reveal key trends in social innovation and will serve as a pragmatic guide to help organizations innovate, design and improve service programs. Download a copy by clicking to the right.

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Service Jam was an online event that engaged non-profit organizations, corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies in a discussion on how social innovation can help solve our world’s largest problems.Through IBM’s Jam technology, participants collaborated virtually with the flexibility to log into the Jam from anywhere in the world at anytime most convenient to them during the three day event.

Special guests included:

During the Jam, invited Hosts—distinguished leaders in the social sector—led specific discussion forums and conversed live with participants. There were 8 discussion forums occurring at the same time, where participants were able to join at any time during the event. Check out the Discussion Forums below!

IBM Exec team behind the Jam:

Service Jam White Paper

In collaboration with key partners, IBM has published "The Systems of Service", a white paper summarizing key findings from Service Jam. The document will help organizations leverage the knowledge generated by the Jam to innovate, design and improve service programs.

Data Analysis

The text mining and data analysis of the Service Jam content is now available.

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