Employee commuting

IBM has been active for decades in promoting programs that reduce employees' work-related commutes or that reduce commute-related CO2 emissions. For example, many locations promote biking to work by having bicycle lockers, racks and showers available on-site. At several larger locations, IBM sponsors shuttle services to transport employees to mass transit stations and also between IBM campuses and buildings. In Europe and Japan, many IBM locations are within reach of the public transportation system, giving employees the choice to use more energy-efficient mass transit to commute to work.

Globally, many of our locations partner with local public transit authorities to develop ride-sharing programs and negotiate subsidized transit passes for IBM employees. IBM is a member of the Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) program. Currently, seven IBM locations in the United States, where approximately 25 percent of the company's U.S. employees report to work, are registered as BWC sites. Our BWC-registered locations actively work with their local transit commissions and offer other commuter benefits on-site to integrate IBM's programs with regional programs, increasing commuting options for our employees.

IBM employees in the United States can also take advantage of IBM's Commuter Benefits Program. Launched in 2016, the program allows employees to pay for eligible mass transit and qualified parking expenses related to commuting to work with pre-tax money. Use of the benefit to procure mass transit passes translates into monetary savings on commuting costs and encourages employees to opt for more efficient commuting options where available.

In some countries, IBM provides leased vehicles for employees that they may use for both business and personal purposes. For these vehicles, we have set standard guidelines that require leasing of vehicles with lower emissions profiles. These guidelines enable reductions in average car emission levels as the car fleets are renewed. For the cars our employees rent while traveling for business, we have worked with rental car companies to require that they offer more fuel-efficient vehicles.