Storage consolidation

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Big impact, small footprint with IBM® FlashSystem®

Data powers the world. From business and healthcare to finance and government, organizations rely on lightning-fast access to run critical applications. Streamline your IT infrastructure with the right data storage consolidation technologies that are reliable and agile and that support high availability and data protection. Support digital transformation with storage workloads that can handle demanding performance SLAs, scaling and growing as users and data multiply. 

Easily scale up and scale out

The IBM FlashSystem family was designed to deliver enterprise-grade storage infrastructure for a modern, data-driven world—starting with efficiency. FlashSystem solutions allow you to design a high performance and cost-effective data center that includes flexible, all-flash drive options and hybrid and storage class memory (SCM) configurations. 

To make the most of storage array consolidation, FlashSystem solutions include IBM Easy Tier® functions. Driven by AI, they help ensure the right data is placed on the right tier at the right time. The system automatically and transparently moves the hottest blocks of data up the tiers and cooler blocks down. Additionally, IBM Storage Insights provides comprehensive performance and capacity monitoring of both IBM and non-IBM storage pools. 

3:1 data compression guaranteed

Next, performance. Not all flash is created equal, and IBM FlashCore® Modules deliver computational storage capacity in a class all its own. They run at the highest capacity with a guaranteed 3:1 data compression. They deliver best-in-class storage management, performance, provisioning and storage retrieval with latency as low as 50 microseconds. And they offer the longest lifespan. Powered by IBM Spectrum® Virtualize™ software, FlashSystem arrays also provide 99.9999% uptime. 

Finally, true scalability through automation and virtualization. FlashSystem arrays are designed to scale up and scale out as business demands. You may begin with a storage architecture that contains as little as a single drive and increase its capacity all the way up to 32 petabytes. And it’s all accomplished with small footprint storage resources, starting with options as thin as a single rack unit (RU).

Fast. Smart. Affordable hybrid cloud-enabled storage solutions. Take advantage of enterprise-quality embedded software and OS that can breathe new life into your legacy enterprise storage systems and protect you against that cyberattack that’s just around the corner. Compact design for space-constrained edge locations with consistent capabilities for on-prem and hybrid. Ideal for consolidated storage whether it’s edge, virtual and containerized environments. Explore IBM FlashSystem as a Service IBM FlashSystem 5200

Starting at USD 42,400

Don't just store, accelerate. IBM FlashSystem 5200 is the perfect all-in-one hybrid cloud solution for medium and large organization storage environments. With flash and AI, you can deploy the most cost efficient and powerful storage solution on the market.

  • Up to 1.2PBs of effective capacity in 1U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM FlashSystem 7300

Starting at USD 118,600

This is enterprise-class storage for your consolidation strategy. The IBM FlashSystem 7300 is designed for mid-range workloads. It provides high performance redundancy and smart, self-optimizing containerized solutions.

  • Up to 2.2PBs of effective capacity in 2U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM FlashSystem 9500

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Be prepared for what's next. IBM FlashSystem 9500 storage systems use artificial intelligence and flash-based technology to provide data security, scalability, and reliability on demand.

  • Up to 4.5PBs of effective capacity in 4U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency

Next steps

Contact an advisor to help determine the best IBM FlashSystem configuration for your storage consolidation needs.

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