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Faster storage analytics, faster time to insight

Next-generation data analytics are more important than ever and companies that can harness the power of their data and automation will have a huge competitive advantage over those who can’t.

Regardless of where your data resides, on-premises or in the cloud, fast access is a must-have for big data analytics. Additionally, as your business grows, your storage infrastructure needs to be scalable enough to process data at lightning speed, remain easy to deploy and use - all while keeping costs low.

With features including high performance, consistent latency across read and write operations and seamless mobility environments, wherever your data resides, IBM Storage FlashSystem all-flash arrays are designed to meet all your data storage analytics needs.

Be flashy with computational storage

Flash memory helps you achieve faster response times and IBM Storage FlashSystem solutions offer storage arrays with the high availability and low latency needed to reduce downtime and improve data management.

Swiftly adapt to new workloads with real-time analytics delivered by IBM FlashCore® Modules - available on all IBM Storage FlashSystem platforms. Consistent, predictable performance across multiple storage devices, data sources and formats power any analytics tool and the high performance, agile data experience from an IBM Storage FlashSystem solution delivers real-time modern analytics.

The smartest way to store all your data

How you store and use your data sets is crucial to your business and a solid foundation that integrates high performance computing (HPC), AI, machine learning and predictive analytics is key. The innovative design of IBM Storage FlashSystem solutions offer unparalleled scalability - increase your storage density up to 1PB of effective capacity per rack unit. It’s a high-performance all-flash storage solution designed for data centers handling today’s most demanding apps and workloads, including data analytics.

Shift frequently used data from hard disk drive (HDD) MDisks to flash-based storage MDisks automatically and seamlessly with IBM Easy Tier®. This feature detects HDDs in storage pool, easing the process of moving frequently used data on volumes to more suitable storage. Due to its dynamically tiered architecture, data transfer is transparent to the host application, regardless of which tier the data belongs to. 

Enhance your flash storage analytics while reducing storage costs. Automate data placement and store more in the same amount of space using compression, space-efficient snapshots and deduplication.

Fast. Smart. Affordable hybrid cloud-enabled storage solutions. Get market-leading performance and efficiency from the unified IBM Storage FlashSystem platform family, allowing you to streamline administration, data analysis and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud, public cloud, virtualized and containerized environments. Explore configurations, pricing and IBM Storage FlashSystem as a Service as well IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200


Don't just store, accelerate. IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200 is the perfect all-in-one hybrid cloud solution for medium and large organizations. With flash and AI, you can deploy the most cost efficient and powerful storage solution on the market.

  • Up to 1.2PBs of effective capacity in 1U
    (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300


This is enterprise-class storage. The IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300 is designed for mid-range workloads. It provides high performance redundancy and smart, self-optimizing containerized solutions.

  • Up to 2.2PBs of effective capacity in 2U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency 
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500


Be prepared for what's next. IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500 storage systems use artificial intelligence and flash-based technology to provide data security, scalability, and reliability on demand.

  • Up to 4.5PBs of effective capacity in 4U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency 
Other use cases Storage Sustainability
Invest in energy efficient, dense data storage that makes a difference. FlashSystem devices leverage IBM FlashCore Modules with computational storage compression capabilities providing storage consolidation and power efficiency differentiation. As your data grows, ensure your energy shrinks.
Lights out data center
View all your data in one place and rely on AI-driven data tiering. Powered by IBM Storage Virtualize, FlashSystem makes it easy to manage data across all systems while modernizing your legacy storage capabilities.
More Cyber Resilience
Recover data quickly and without interruption in the event of a cyberattack. IBM Storage FlashSystem uses IBM Safeguarded Copy and IBM Cyber Vault to create air-gapped copies of data and restore production fast.
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