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Storage that makes a difference 29%

less energy use than a market leading competitor.¹


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more effective capacity per rack unit compared to the previous generation of FlashCore Modules.²

Learn how we innovate for sustainability

of IBM's product waste by weight was diverted from landfills or incineration, in 2022.³

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The IBM FlashSystem data storage platform is designed to be high performing and energy efficient. Enter your businesse's usable storage amount and performance level to calculate the possible cost savings and lower carbon output between the industry average and an IBM FlashSystem.

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Reduce Energy Costs with a Solid Data Storage Sustainability Strategy Take a deep dive with the IBM Storage FlashSystem Sustainability webinar now, hosted by Andy Walls and Audrey O'Donnell. Watch now
Our energy consumption dropped by 94 percent when we moved to IBM FlashSystem. Employees using our data warehouse have seen processing times fall by 30 percent since we deployed IBM FlashSystem technology. Xavier Pioche, IT Infrastructure Department Manager, Orange Caraibe
3:1 Data Compression guarantee

Not all flash is created equal, and IBM FlashCore® Modules deliver computational storage drive capacity in a class all on its own. They run at the highest capacity with a guaranteed 3:1 data compression sight unseen and up to a 5:1 compression guaranteed with testing. The drives deliver best-in-class storage management, performance, provisioning and storage retrieval with latency as low as 50 microseconds. And they offer the longest lifespan with patented variable voltage technology, reducing the environmental impact and e-waste of data storage.

FlashSystem Sustainability guarantee

Because of the innovative IBM FlashCore Modules, the FlashSystem devices are able to guarantee that they will not exceed a certain energy efficiency (W/TB) amount across all FlashCore Module drive configurations, reducing carbon emissions.  This improves client’s environmental impact from their data storage with some configurations guaranteed as low as a 1.7 W/TB maximum, supporting green IT initiatives.

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Optimize and automate your data storage

As companies grow and IT sustainability initiatives become more imperative, securing large amounts of data while reducing power consumption and overall data center energy costs is possible with flash data storage on IBM FlashSystem devices. Safeguard critical data and achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals with IBM’s differentiated technology. IBM designs the FlashSystem data storage devices for the environment throughout the entire supply chain and lifecycle to ensure we make a positive impact on climate change.

Explore solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint, the amount of energy used and your power consumption costs while storing large volumes of datasets. Enrich your functionality in your data storage and lower your power usage by investing in IBM FlashSystem storage today.

Fast. Smart. Affordable hybrid cloud-enabled storage solutions. Take advantage of enterprise-quality embedded software and OS that can breathe new life into your legacy enterprise storage systems and protect you against that cyberattack that’s just around the corner. Compact design for space-constrained edge locations with consistent capabilities for on-prem and hybrid. Ideal for consolidated storage whether it’s edge, virtual and containerized environments. Explore pricing, including IBM Storage FlashSystem as a Service IBM Storage FlashSystem 5300


Don't just store, accelerate. IBM Storage FlashSystem 5300 is the perfect all-in-one hybrid cloud solution for medium and large organization storage environments. With flash and AI, you can deploy the most cost efficient and powerful storage solution on the market.

  • Up to 1.8PB of effective capacity in 1U (@ 5:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300


This is enterprise-class storage for your consolidation strategy. The IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300 is designed for mid-range workloads. It provides high performance redundancy and smart, self-optimizing containerized solutions.

  • Up to 3.8PB of effective capacity in 2U (@ 5:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500


Be prepared for what's next. IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500 storage systems use artificial intelligence and flash-based technology to provide data security, scalability, and reliability on demand.


  • Up to 4.5PBs of effective capacity in 4U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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Other use cases More Cyber Resilience

Recover data quickly and without interruption in the event of a cyberattack. IBM Storage FlashSystem uses IBM Safeguarded Copy and IBM Cyber Vault to create air-gapped copies of data and restore production fast.

Lights out data center

View all your data in one place and rely on AI-driven data tiering. Powered by IBM Storage Virtualize, FlashSystem makes it easy to manage data across all systems while modernizing your legacy storage capabilities.

Storage data analytics

Faster storage analytics, faster time to insight. Process your data and gain deeper insights at lightning speed, whether on-premises or in the cloud, using tools built with flash storage analytics.

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1 Based on comparable configurations between IBM FlashSystem and a 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant report participant: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/storage/blogs/chelsey-gosse/2023/09/20/2023-gartner-magic-quadrant-primary-storage. Each comparison was at the same temperature, memory, and core frequencies with comparable raw capacities and system performances. For each configuration, the power of the devices were estimated with engineering calculations from the typical power withdraw of the CPUs, drives and components on each of the devices.   Based on information from:  https://www.manua.ls/dell/powermax-2000/manualhttps://www.delltechnologies.com/asset/en-au/products/storage/technical-support/dell-powerstore-gen2-spec-sheet.pdf; https://www.sanstorageworks.com/PowerMax-8000.asp.

2 Based on listed effective capacity of FlashCore Module Generation 3 38.4TB drives vs. the listed effective capacity of the FlashCore Module Generation 2 38.4TB drives.

3 Results based on: https://www.ibm.com/impact/files/reports-policies/2022/IBM_2022_ESG_Report.pdf