Lights out data center

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Manage all data in one place with IBM® FlashSystem®

IT infrastructure never rests, whether through remote access or on-site. Technology is always changing and operational demands are always rising. What never seems to change is that data must be available—fast. For their storage needs, many organizations and providers rely on heterogeneous environments, with on-premises and hybrid cloud solutions. They typically take advantage of colocation using multiple vendors in an effort to reduce downtime while getting the best possible price for new storage. 

Virtualize third-party storage systems

Unfortunately, each vendor has its own set of IT resources, API and rules. The result is inefficient storage management, challenging data migrations and data center infrastructures that are unnecessarily taxing on IT administrators and on-site staff. Differences across storage management systems can become complex and costly.

The IBM FlashSystem family was designed with simplicity as a primary goal. Built with IBM Spectrum® Virtualize™ software, FlashSystem solutions offer automation and consistency across all models. Spectrum Virtualize software provides the unique ability to virtualize third-party storage systems. It is designed from the ground up to support data center management and data mobility between heterogeneous systems, enabling organizations to migrate data from just about any existing system.

View and manage all data from one standard interface. 

Spectrum Virtualize software not only runs off FlashSystem hardware but also on multiple public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the IBM Cloud®. This creates a dynamic data center environment that can be managed using the same standard interface for both on-premises storage and cloud storage. That’s one screen for all information technology systems that clients can learn once and use everywhere.

Breathe new life into legacy systems

Infrastructure management is crucial to sustainability goals. Third-party storage virtualization in conjunction with management software enables FlashSystem hardware to breathe new life into legacy systems. Providing the majority of its abilities to over 500 different storage systems offers data center operators a new level of connectivity for on premise or remote management. This includes features for business continuity and disaster recovery, like IBM® Safeguarded Copy and IBM Cyber Vault which help increase uptime while reducing the risk and reach of outages.

With FlashSystem hardware, organizations can achieve digital transformation and simplify data management across all deployment types with one software stack. Lights out data center management build on FlashSystem also helps improve data mobility, modernize features and upgrade performance—all without disruption.

Fast. Smart. Affordable hybrid cloud-enabled storage solutions. Take advantage of enterprise-quality embedded software and OS that can breathe new life into your legacy storage systems and protect you against that cyberattack that’s just around the corner. Compact design for space-constrained edge computing locations with consistent capabilities for on-prem and hybrid. Ideal for edge storage, virtual and containerized environments. Explore IBM FlashSystem as a Service IBM FlashSystem 5200

Starting at USD 42,400

Don't just store, accelerate. IBM FlashSystem 5200 is the perfect all-in-one hybrid cloud solution for medium and large organizations. With flash and AI, you can deploy the most cost efficient and powerful storage solution on the market.

  • Up to 1.2PBs of effective capacity in 1U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM FlashSystem 7300

Starting at USD 118,600

This is enterprise-class storage. The IBM FlashSystem 7300 is designed for mid-range workloads. It provides high performance redundancy and smart, self-optimizing containerized solutions.

  • Up to 2.2PBs of effective capacity in 2U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM FlashSystem 9500

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Be prepared for what's next. IBM FlashSystem 9500 storage systems use artificial intelligence and flash-based technology to provide data security, scalability, and reliability on demand.

  • Up to 4.5PBs of effective capacity in 4U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • lntel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency

Next steps

Contact an advisor to determine the best IBM FlashSystem configuration to help you build your lights out data center.

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