IMS 15 can be part of your journey to the cloud

IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) is already the trusted name in transactional databases on IBM Z®. IMS 15 builds on that trust. It delivers the availability, scalability, and performance needed for enterprise and integrated on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. IMS is an open and connected system, promoting innovation that leverages trusted IMS applications, transactions, and data, while processing billions of secure transactions per day.


Manage risk and data privacy

Encrypt IMS and IBM Db2® data with minimal CPU overhead, zero app changes and no SLA impact. Redact client data from dumps to protect data privacy in diagnostics.

Deliver cloud native development

Use the same DevOps tools, including Zowe, to simplify development. Expand Java® development with dynamic configuration of variables and options to improve security, flexibility and control.

Identify workload performance anomalies

With multi-system interdependencies now common, directly correlate anomalous performance of IMS data workloads to reduce CPU costs using IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator.

Monetize an open, connected database

Optimize your IMS investment and generate returns from APIs. IMS applications can easily consume REST APIs to help you rapidly introduce new apps and services.

Boost recovery and scalability

Get back to business up to 50% faster with IBM z15 Instant Recovery. Recover transactional backlog up to two times faster. IMS Connect and other enhancements deliver support for growing workloads.

Thrive on digital transformation

Make digital transformation pay off with IMS. According to IDC, early adopters of a connected mainframe strategy have greater than a 6:1 ratio of benefits to cost.

IBM Information Management System 15 features

  • Pervasive encryption of data
  • Enhanced data privacy in diagnostics
  • Identify IMS-specific performance workload anomalies
  • Mobile auditability and reporting
  • RACF passphrase support
  • JVM 64-bit support and JVM tracking
  • Improved OTMA message processing
  • Enhanced performance and tuning
  • IMS Connect enhancements
  • Value Unit Pricing option

Which option is right for you?

IMS 15

The traditional pairing of IMS Database Manager and IMS Transaction Manager offered as a monthly licensed system.

IMS Database Value Unit Edition

Efficiently manage growth with this right-size IMS data server solution offered with one-time charge pricing.

IMS Transaction Manager Value Unit Edition

IMS Transaction Management processing with a cost-effective way to manage business growth and new applications or workloads on IBM Z.