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Now more than ever, it's important to meet the demand for digital transformation.


IBM Cloud Pak® for Applications helps you modernize existing applications, embed additional security, and develop new apps that unleash digital initiatives. It offers cloud-native development solutions that can quickly deliver value, along with flexible licensing that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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On public clouds, on premises or on a private cloud — run your applications where and how they work best for your business. We’ll provide the tools to sync them to Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud®, a unified Kubernetes platform built on open-source standards. We'll also support them no matter where they run.

Use cases

Modernize traditional applications

Moving to the cloud doesn't mean that you'll build everything from the ground up. Instead, you can modernize traditional applications to increase their flexibility and scalability.

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Man working to modernize traditional applications in existing legacy systems

Build cloud native

Apps that are built in the cloud are typically more scalable, easier to update and less costly to run. This can help you to respond to customer needs faster.

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Man building apps in a cloud native environment

A unified solution for all of your applications

Java EE platform

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Incorporate your existing Java™ EE platform into your cloud strategy.

Mobile apps

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Reach your customers on the mobile platforms they use with mobile app development framework.

Modernization and transformation

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Get an analysis of your apps with recommendations for what to modernize first and how to transform.


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Build apps more efficiently with pre-built templates using accelerators for cloud-native development.

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