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We’re building an activity-based workplace that’s the platform for the next century of innovative ideas.

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Defining the workplace

All IBM employees, clients and guests should feel included, guided and welcomed from the moment they arrive. The workplace supports IBM employees and enables intuitive performance of their daily activities in a seamless manner. The experience starts from the first impressions made in the Arrival and Welcome zones. The workplace is activity-based, offering a balance of choice and variety for IBM employees to connect, play, collaborate and focus. Finally, the journey concludes with the Departure zone, completing the workplace experience.

Arrival and Departure zones are opportunities for IBM employees, clients and guests to be invited into or bid goodbye from IBM’s unique space. The subsequent Welcome zone is a refreshing and engaging place where everyone is warmly received. Clients, guests and IBM employees are brought together in the Connect zone to meet, network and learn. The Play zone is a destination for IBM employees to unwind, reset and commune within the workplace. Creation, discovery and building happen in the Collaborate zone, an essential part of the way IBM employees work. The Focus zone enables IBM employees to develop, refine and absorb—transforming ideas into reality.

Applying the guidelines
The planning concept for the IBM Workplace begins with the workplace experience journey. For security purposes, clients only experience the first four zones: Arrival, Departure, Welcome and Connect. IBM employees are able to fluidly move throughout their entire journey uninhibited. The journey isn’t necessarily sequential in nature, and the zones are interwoven by meandering paths through the workplace. Depending on the site and the population size, the journey may be experienced on a single floor, in a building or across an entire campus.