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Color plays a critical role in the expression of the IBM Design Language. It’s a visual, visceral way to experience our brand and should communicate a sense of sophistication and warmth.

Blue at the core

A vibrant set of blues is the centerpoint of our color palette. When combined with the simplicity of black and white, a refreshing and unique look emerges for IBM.

Blue is emblematic of our identity and should be treated with the same attention and detail as we treat our logo. Blue should be the focal color accent within our Welcome and Arrival spaces. Application of blue within architectural finishes further amplifies our brand character in unique or unexpected touchpoints. Learn more about our color palette.

IBM logo in white on Blue 60 field
IBM rebus in white on blue field

Accent color

Color for all primary wall surfaces should be light and airy. It should evoke a feeling of warmth that works with our overall material palette. Combine white trim with subtle gray walls to create a sophisticated sense of depth. In spaces with core walls, use a color that creates a distinct contrast from the typical walls. Choose colors that complement the interior design from the palette shown here. In phone and conference rooms, an accent color may be used on the return walls to energize the space. Back walls should always be painted with a neutral tone in Gray or White.

gray 100Cool Gray 11
gray 90Cool Gray 10
gray 80Cool Gray 9
gray 30Cool Gray 3
gray 20Cool Gray 2
gray 10Cool Gray 1
green 202253
teal 20317
cyan 202905
purple 209361
magenta 202036
red 201767
cyan 100302
blue 602132
warm gray 30Warm Gray 3
warm gray 20Warm Gray 2
warm gray 10Warm Gray 1
white 0
green 109540
teal 109040
cyan 109421
purple 109023
magenta 102050
red 10706