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We reflect the IBM brand in the built environment through lively and provocative applications. Our brand expression moments range from the overt, such as signage and environmental graphics, to the subtle, such as material choices and pattern. Every element application contributes to a cohesive and differentiated experience in our environments.


The IBM Design Language forms the foundation for every user experience across every design discipline, including digital, physical and visual applications. Essential elements include logos, grid, typography, iconography, color and many others. Use the resource links shown here to learn more about these core components and download supporting assets.

Environmental elements

IBM’s rich legacy of design affords many opportunities to enhance our sense of identity and culture as we build our environments. Brand expression in the workplace must have a longer lifespan than typical marketing or event experiences. Campaigns evolve over time, but our facilities need to stay relevant for years. Multiple teams or business units often rotate through the same workspace. With this dynamic use in mind, it’s critical we employ timeless elements of the IBM master brand that will endure over time, and avoid references to marketing or advertising. The examples shown here represent a spectrum of creative executiions that may be customized based on project needs.

Download the IBM Workplace Brand Expression document to learn more about the design and implementation of environmental elements.

2 IBM logo gradient wall environmental element renders
IBM logo as wall graphic
typography pattern
typography pattern on wall
Think® wall signage
historical photo of people below Think® sign
wood Think® wall signage
dimensional outline Think® wall signage
Think® logo flat monochrome wall signage
IBM Quantum® platform wall art with human in motion
brass detail of IBM Quantum® platform wall art
Be Equal painted wood slat wall
Bee wall sign
contemporary glass walled conference room

Art elements

Art in IBM workplaces should be contemporary, forward-looking and thought-provoking, a reflection of IBM as a progressive leader in the modern world. It’s important that artwork represents the world in both subject matter and artist to mirror IBM as a global business. Artwork shouldn’t function purely as decor. It should be incorporated into the workplace in different applications:

  • Site-specific installation, such as a mural
  • Fine artwork that’s hung or framed
  • Sculptural forms, as well as furniture elements

Art should align with IBM’s values while integrating local content, geography and culture. It should be identified early in the design process for coordination and composition with surrounding finishes and components.

Wall art at IBM Cambridge
colorful modern painting
long hallway art wall mural

Technology installations

When designing architectural technology installations, consider the long-term implications for ongoing content management. High-resolution media displays can add dynamism to the workplace. However, they require intensive content development. This maintenance should be considered as part of an ongoing expense to keep content fresh over long periods of time. Avoid looping advertising clips that are already out in the market. Use standard 16:9 aspect ratios for consistency with other digital platforms.

Artistic technology installations can be programmed to work autonomously, pulling from existing data feeds. There are many other ways technology and software design can activate the environment. Consider API-driven data visualizations or responsive experiences. Built with custom software, the autonomous nature of these installations allieviates the constant content management requirements of media displays.

Whenever possible, technology components should be integrated into the surrounding architecture. Consider finishes, accessibility and power or data requirements early on in the process. Consult with the IBM Brand Strategy and Experience Design team as well as the IBM Global Real Estate team to identify the best solution for your project.

technology display in lobby
elevator lobby with wall art
IBM Watson® wall art
IBM lobby with curvilinear ceiling art