IBM Data Science and Business Analytics platform: a one-stop solution

Danger Zone: You have seen the potential of data and analytics and you want to be more data driven. You invested in new tools, skills sets and people at a furious pace. You expect your investment to help improve business processes, engage more intimately with customers and grow revenues with new business models. However, your investment is creating some serious issues in tools, people, and process.


The surging demand for data scientists makes hiring and retention a huge challenge.

"59 percent of companies are not using predictive models or advanced analytics...corporate leadership needs to invest in the people, processes and technologies that empower decision support and decision automation." – 2017 Forbes Insights/Dun & Bradstreet study

Most enterprises that have invested in data science related technology and services report that their investments have had only limited impact on actual revenue generation, according to a 2015 study by Forbes Insights.

Betting on Big Data, Forbes Insights, September 2015

Empower your organization with data

Give your analysts, data scientists and business users the tools they need to understand and analyze data, visualize information, predict business outcomes and automate, using machine learning.

The IBM Data Science and Business Analytics platform lets you buy what you need, when you need it. Through its innovative flexible licensing model, you can swap, mix and match, and add products as your needs change and grow.

With the IBM Data Science and Business Analytics platform, you can:

Create more accurate plans, budgets and forecasts

Provide a planning and analytics solution that drives efficiency, foresight and business performance with Planning Analytics

Report, model, analyze and manage data on a single platform

Keep track of events, control access to your data and take confident action with  Cognos Analytics

Explore and analyze structured and unstructured data

Looking for a leading-edge cognitive exploration and content analysis platform? Optimize decision-making, customer service and ROI with Watson Explorer.

Build accurate predictive visual models

An intuitive graphical interface empowers users to build models without programming and quickly deliver predictive insights to applications across their organizations with SPSS Modeler

Explore data, develop, deploy and manage models across teams

Use open source tools and deploy models to create data-driven applications with Machine Learning


Make better business decisions

Maximize trade-offs between business goals while considering business constraints and available resources with Prescriptive Analytics

Take delight in a consistent user experience

Enjoy a consistent user experience across all products during installation and user on-boarding through centralized logging and a common user interface

Oversee system management

Centralized monitoring and performance management, metering, usage tracking and user management helps protect your business without sacrificing innovation

The IBM Data Science and Business Analytics platform also includes:

IBM Cognos Controller

A comprehensive solution that provides power and flexibility for streamlined, best-practice financial consolidation and reporting

IBM SPSS Statistics

A leading statistical software used to solve industry-specific business problems to optimize decision-making

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Optimize your business decisions, develop and deploy optimization models quickly and create real-world applications that can significantly improve business outcomes

Case studies

Keeping the wheels of commerce moving

99.5 percent of warehouse packing tasks are now error-free thanks to IBM Analytics

Improving college experiences

MSU Residential and Hospitality Services uses IBM Business Analytics to understand how students and guests use its facilities and to fine-tune its operations

Predicting TV ratings and winning new viewers

AMC Networks is using IBM Analytics to understand viewing patterns and win new viewers and advertisers

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