Reveal sentiment and hidden patterns with our text enabled predictive analytics add-on.

Reveal sentiment and hidden patterns with our text enabled predictive analytics add-on. Click here to view pricing

What's New in SPSS Modeler


ROI Study: Forrester Total Economic Impact of IBM SPSS Modeler

Get the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting to find out how enterprise data science with SPSS Modeler can improve your business.

Tutorial: Machine learning without coding

Tutorial: Machine learning without coding

Experience how to create, train and deploy a machine learning model for customer churn without having to write a single line of code.

Webinar: Take the lead

Webinar: Take the lead

Gain valuable insights from IBM data science teams, clients and industry experts. Engage through live demos, polls, chats and follow-ups.

New Text Analytics Add-on now available for Modeler Subscription.

Drag-and-drop data exploration to machine learning

Modernize data science – from data discovery to machine learning and application development.

  • Powerful – Accelerate time to value with data science lifecycle management. Out-of-the-box, industry-leading algorithms and capabilities including machine learning / deep learning, text analytics and geospatial analysis.
  • Versatile – Optimize productivity of analysts and data scientists. Guides users with an intuitive, graphical interface. Extends to open source technologies. Coding optional.
  • Scalable – Grow with your business, from desktop to deployment and optimization. Designed for mission-critical, hybrid cloud implementation.
  • Flexible – Choose the licensing option that best fits your needs: desktop, monthly subscription or enterprise perpetual license.

Tutorial for visual machine learning model

Guided demo for customer churn prediction

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Business benefits

Go live in days, not  months and weeks

Go live in days, not months and weeks

Start with GUI-based data science and machine learning algorithms.

Choose your deployment

Boost data science team productivity

Empower coders, non-coders and analysts.

Scale with peace of mind

Scale with peace of mind

Start small and expand with enterprise class security and governance.

Partner Solutions

Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics

Experts in using SPSS Modeler to create, package and automate analytical processes to deliver solutions that enable users to benefit from AI without needing code.

Quebit Consulting

Quebit Consulting

Combines its revolutionary Euclid® forecasting engine with the intuitive SPSS Modeler platform to help clients deliver tremendous improvements to accuracy and power the Galileo® Demand Planning solution.

The new extension with SPSS Modeler allows you to export datasets between and SPSS Modeler.