The value of application integration

Businesses today need to quickly create new and engaging user experiences for their customers. To do this you need to rapidly access business-critical information, while also securing it and protecting its integrity. Application integration helps you connect existing applications and data in new and interesting ways to unlock their full potential, no matter where they reside.
The application integration capabilities of IBM® Cloud Pak® for Integration can help your business become more unified, gather significant information, act in real-time, and become more insight-driven — to continually improve your customer’s experience.

How it’s used

Connect everything, with ease

Interface for connecting apps

Connect everything, with ease

Connect your applications instantly with pre-built smart connectors, using automatic suggestions to map your data, saving time and resources.

Expose your integrations

Interface for automating a no-code approach

Expose your integrations

Exploit the automated no-code approach to rapidly expose your integration flows as APIs, within and beyond your business.

Build real-time integrations

Interface for creating integration flows

Build real-time integrations

Create integration flows that are triggered by real-time events, delivering a more responsive user experience to your clients.

Ensure quality

Interface for validating integrations

Ensure quality

Validate your integration flows immediately and increase your productivity, thanks to visual debugging and automated test generation.

Monitor integration health

Interface for monitoring integrations

Monitor integration health

Leverage the end-to-end visibility to optimize your integration flows, with a customized dashboard of your business transactions’ performances.

What you get

Application integration features

Award-winning intuitive tooling

Leverage the no-code approach, mapping suggestions and pre-built smart connectors to easily connect your apps.

Rapid API authoring

Take advantage of the integrated API authoring experience for faster and better API creation.

Flexible integration deployment

Adopt micro-services architecture to gain better business agility, fine-grained control, and greater flexibility.

Industry-leading runtime

Fast, light, and dependency-free integration runtime optimized for all systems.

Visual debugging

Immediately validate and ensure the quality of your integration flows with a user-friendly interface.

Collaborate and share assets

Build and share APIs, events and integration flows to be re-used from others in your organization.

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