What is application and data integration?

Application and data integration is what allows you to connect applications and data across all environments. With the capabilities from IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, you can safely and instantly connect applications, data, traditional systems and modern technologies across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments. IBM App Connect offers multiple tooling experiences that ensure rapid results.

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Integrate at speed

With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you get …

A catalog of prebuilt connectors

Connect applications and build integration flows quickly with your choice of prebuilt connectors.

A gallery of prebuilt templates

Hit the ground running with prebuilt flows for common patterns.

AI-powered mapping assist

Accelerate development with built-in AI that customizes data mapping suggestions.

One-click asset deployment

Save time and avoid integration pitfalls by seamlessly publishing your flows with one click.

Expanded callable flows

Build and expose message flows to be called wherever they run to create seamless hybrid integrations.

Development workspace

Make development more efficient by clearly visualizing and testing complex integrations.


Build and manage an API

Watch how to build powerful APIs

Watch how to build powerful APIs (08:46)

Build and manage an API

Build powerful RESTful APIs that more securely access back-end data in a matter of minutes. See how IBM Cloud Pak capabilities — API lifecycle management and application and data integration — complement each other.

Build an event-driven flow

Watch how to create an event-action integration

Watch how to create an event-action integration (06:27)

Build an event-driven flow

See how to use application integration to automatically send customers a welcome email when new leads are added to your CRM system.

Copy and synchronize your data

Screenshot of App Connect dashboard where products are being synced from one application to another

Watch how to maintain accurate and effective data (04:20)

Copy and synchronize your data

See how application integration enables you to quickly copy data between applications using IBM's preconfigured templates.


100 popular application connectors are included with more being added regularly


"The ability to be able to support thousands of integrations moving millions of transactions every day, with a very small team, is a huge benefit to our company."

– Chris Sinkwitz, vice president of application development, Meritage Homes Corp.