What is mobile development? 

Mobile development is building apps for mobile, wearables, conversation, web or progressive web apps. IBM Mobile Foundation provides containerized back-end services to simplify and manage the creation of these apps.


Digital app builder

Use drag-and-drop components to quickly build a digital app to run on multiple channels (iOs, Android, PWA, web pages). Incorporate AI-like chatbots or visual recognition as easily as adding controls.

Built-in analytics

Data from app-to-server activities, client logs, client crashes, in-app user feedback and server-side events is automatically aggregated. Use the information to gauge app performance and plan updates.

Containerized back-end services

Connect mobile apps to existing enterprise systems through Red Hat® OpenShift®. Gain comprehensive security, app lifecycle management and offline data sync while benefiting from flexible containers.


Extend your business to mobile

Create a mobile application that consumes REST services from your existing web application and shows vacationers the weather at all of your resort properties.

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