“DoYouMQ?” Podcast: Season 2 Is Available Now

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The second season of the “DoYouMQ?” podcast is now available on your favorite podcast platform.

The first episode on new ‘streaming queues’ is now live and ready to be streamed.

The first episode on new ‘streaming queues’ is now live and ready to be streamed.

What is the “DoYouMQ?” podcast?

IBM MQ is used by thousands of businesses around the world to move data to the correct destinations within and outside of their organizations securely and with ‘exactly-once’ assured delivery. The podcast is a great way to learn about the different aspects of MQ that make that a reality. With 20- to 30-minute episodes spanning technology deep-dives and how capabilities can be used to drive business value, everyone who works with data can gain value from DoYouMQ episodes, regardless of whether you’re familiar with IBM MQ or enterprise messaging.

Introducing Season 2

Season 2, available from www.DoYouMQ.com, Spotify or Apple Podcasts, is hosted by James Wood, who is joined by senior IBM MQ experts and customers/business partners. Guests will be sharing their knowledge and insights about recent innovations and how to get the most out of existing capabilities. You’ll also hear from IBM MQ customers about how they are using MQ to drive growth in their business.

The guest presenter in Season 2: Episode 1 is Matthew Whitehead, IBM MQ Architect and IBM Master Inventor, who is talking about the value to business of a new capability delivered in IBM MQ version 9.2.3 called ‘streaming queues.’

Streaming queues enable customers to siphon a copy of messages as they flow between applications or other endpoints. Because MQ is all about once-and-exactly-once delivery of messages, streaming queues ensure that your mission-critical applications continue to run uninterrupted while you capture a copy of existing data (without architectural changes) to increase its value through the following:

  1. AI/machine learning: Data is the fuel that powers artificial intelligence (AI). Use MQ streaming queues to provide data to AI systems to gain insights, predict future outcomes and transform business decision-making.
  2. Kafka: Provide a copy of messages to a Kafka streaming platform for real-time processing and analysis.
  3. Replay: Send streaming queue messages to a data lake where they are ready to be replayed if business IT systems are destroyed by disaster or otherwise rendered inoperable.
  4. Real-world test data: Engineering teams can reduce risk. They can use a copy of your real-world data to predict how planned architecture changes (e.g., adding a new application) will impact the existing system.

Other episodes coming up this season cover automated workload balancing, integrating multiple messaging styles, what’s new, how to get the most out of IBM Technical Support and an episode on IBM MQ’s managed cloud service (SaaS).

If there’s something that you’d like us to provide an episode on, please get in touch. Happy listening!

Listen to old episodes and learn more

And if you would like to listen again to any of the Season 1 episodes, they are still available on the DoYouMQ site:

  • Introduction to IBM MQ: What it is and how businesses get value from enterprise messaging.
  • IBM MQ MythBusters: Common IBM MQ myths… busted!
  • Messaging… everywhere: Where you can run MQ to support hybrid multicloud workloads.
  • MQ in Containers: What you need to know if you’re planning on running containerized workloads in public or private clouds.
  • IBM MQ Security: An introduction to IBM MQ security concepts.
  • High Availability in MQ: Introducing new quorum-based Native High Availability for simple and rapid container failovers.
  • MQ on z/OS: An introduction to IBM MQ deployed to IBM zSystems.
Listen to old episodes and learn more

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