Enjoy a complimentary 10 GB tier when provisioning to IBM Cloud Backup

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What is IBM Cloud Backup?

IBM Cloud™ Backup is a full-featured, automated, agent-based backup and recovery system managed through the Cloud Backup WebCC browser utility. Using multivault technologies, you can securely back up your data between IBM Cloud servers in one or more IBM Cloud data centers, worldwide.

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IBM Cloud Backup features

Always-on applications

Support for more than 200 operating systems, platforms and applications, including new and legacy systems. Choose systems to protect, create and deploy backup policies, and monitor status for multiple systems from anywhere.

Global support

In addition to IBM Cloud data centers around the world, customers have the option to select any available data center outside the IBM Cloud network.

Web-based GUI

Simplify management with central administration and a new user interface with intuitive and responsive process flows.

How customers use it

Reconstructing servers after complex events

Recover specific backup data from a known point in time in the event of a cyberattack or accidental data deletion.

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Managing customer applications

Help ensure responsive, critical customer applications, like patient-to-physician workflows and supply chain route planning.

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Global application support

Cohesively manage your backups across IBM Cloud data centers worldwide when rolling out system maintenance.

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Securing trade secrets and regulatory compliance

Maintain secure, fully encrypted backups of intellectual property, and avoid regulatory penalties with IBM Cloud compliance certifications.

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Order IBM Cloud Backup

Purchase Cloud Backup with a server

Choose a Cloud Backup option under the Storage Add-ons section of your server order.

Purchase Cloud Backup as an upgrade

Go to your Device Details page and click Storage to choose a Cloud Backup option.

Get started with Cloud Backup in minutes

IBM Cloud makes it easy to add backup storage services.