Business Challenge

With its local banks taking tailored approaches to customer management, Rabobank wanted to deepen its understanding of individual customer needs and respond with personalized services.


Working with IBM Services, Rabobank has unified global operations on a single customer relationship management platform, built on Oracle Siebel solutions running on IBM technology.



a single, 360-degree view of clients for more personalized service

Up to 64%

time-saving by automating tasks such as credit-card issuing

99% faster

onboarding enables Rabobank to add new clients in minutes

Business Challenge Story

Adapt fast, stay relevant

The rise of new digital technologies and growing competition are redefining the banking industry. With more options available than ever before, today’s consumers demand more from financial services providers—and institutions that fail to offer fast, accessible services risk falling behind the pack.

To survive—and thrive—in this turbulent market, Rabobank must focus on driving high operational efficiency and delivering excellent, personalized service.

Martijn Hagens, Program Manager at Rabobank elaborates: “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Rabobank. We are always looking for new ways to increase customer engagement and deliver services that meet their needs. This helps us to stay relevant and retain our market position.”

To give customers what they really want, Rabobank needs a clear view of each and every customer’s history, channel preferences, priorities and behaviors. But with different local banks relying on disparate systems to manage customers and products, gaining this insight was a challenge.

Martijn Hagens explains: “In the past, our in-branch personnel had to switch between multiple systems to build up a full picture of customer interactions across the bank. This was a time-consuming process that delayed response to customer demands and made it difficult to understand how to best serve each customer.

“As our product portfolio grew and we started to reach out to customers over more channels, especially online and on mobile, it became clear that we needed a more consistent and comprehensive view of our customers. This would allow teams to understand each customer’s unique needs and deliver prompt, personalized service.”

Our partnership with IBM and Oracle enables Rabobank to shape exceptional banking experiences.

Martijn Hagens, Program Manager, Rabobank

Transformation Story

Partnering for success

Rabobank’s journey towards better customer relationship management (CRM) began more than a decade ago, with the implementation of Oracle Siebel CRM solutions, and IBM Services has worked closely with the bank at every step along the way. 

Martijn Hagens says: “We were looking for a single source of truth on our customers, and a unified approach to managing the entire customer relationship. Oracle Siebel applications were an ideal match for our vision, and have been a key enabler for driving seamless customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints. Today, we use the Oracle applications to manage customers, orders, sales opportunities and service; they form an integral part of our CRM landscape.”

To deliver a faster, more responsive service to its customers, the bank uses Oracle Siebel CRM solutions in combination with Oracle Policy Automation to create straight-through processing flows for tasks such as issuing new bank cards. This functionality is also important to help deliver fine-grained reports for the bank’s business users—facilitating compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory reporting requirements. Moreover, compliance checks for sales activities are now fully automated.

Martijn Hagens continues: “As our Oracle environment has evolved over the years, the support we have received from IBM Services has been invaluable. IBM was there from the very start to help us map out our requirements and translate our vision into an architecture. Our Oracle Siebel implementation is one of the largest in the world—serving more than 20,000 business users—and IBM plays a key role in helping to ensure that it remains stable and high-performing.”

With its entire group unified on Oracle Siebel solutions, guaranteeing top levels of performance, reliability and availability for the application suite is a top priority for Rabobank. Fast, reliable access to information is critical to delivering a prompt response to customers and ensuring that operations run smoothly around the clock.

To provide a rock-solid foundation for its Oracle application landscape, Rabobank takes advantage of leading IBM Power Systems™ servers, running the IBM AIX® operating system.

As Rabobank’s systems and processes have evolved over the years, so too has its approach to development. Martijn Hagens comments: “Like many large enterprises, we initially used a waterfall development model. However, to support an evolving regulatory environment and the need to develop new functionalities for our systems of engagement, we decided to transform to an agile way of working, supported by DevOps methodologies—and IBM has been with us all along the way.”

To support the continuous delivery of new application releases for the business, Rabobank utilizes IBM Rational® ClearQuest® to automate the process of tracking changes to its code, tracking defects and reporting on progress of each iteration. And with IBM Rational ClearCase®, Rabobank can maintain robust version control throughout every phase of the development process.

“Agile new entrants are disrupting a number of traditional industries, and we see that the financial services space is no exception,” says Martijn Hagens. “Agile methodologies are especially important for well-established business such as Rabobank, as they enable us to push innovative offerings to our customers at the speed of a start-up, while enabling us to maintain the benefits of our enterprise reach. This approach has been especially valuable in connecting our Oracle Siebel systems to a wide range of systems of engagement, including customer-facing services delivered online and on mobile. 

“The value of working with IBM as a single, strategic partner throughout this transformation is that they have experience in the financial brands and the techniques that we use, and know how to deliver the resources with the right fit and quality.”

Results Story

Shifting the focus

Today, more than 20,000 employees across Rabobank rely on Oracle Siebel applications to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle. The bank has replaced some 53 sales, product and customer management systems into a centralized platform, giving teams a single source of truth on customers. 

The new approach has helped Rabobank to learn more about customers’ needs, preferences and expectations, and use this insight to build more loyal and profitable customer relationships.

Martijn Hagens comments: “Working with IBM to unify our operations on Oracle Siebel applications has enabled us to move from a traditional, product-centric model towards integrated, customer-centric banking. We have broken down silos that used to exist between different teams and locations, gaining unprecedented insight into our customers and their interactions across the enterprise. Teams can make more informed decisions about whom to contact and when, which products and services to discuss, which offers to make, and which channels to use. ”

Additionally, introducing a centralized CRM platform and increasing automation has brought a newfound agility to operations at Rabobank.

Martijn Hagens gives an example: “Take customer onboarding, which used to be a very complex, paper-based process. In the past, it could take us up to a day and a half to process the relevant information and verify each applicant’s details. With Oracle Siebel we have streamlined the process, so that it takes approximately 10 minutes to onboard a new customer—more than 99 percent faster.

“We have introduced straight-through processing in a number of other areas, such as card issuing and changing credit limits. It offers our teams a much more efficient way of working, so they spend up to 64 percent less time on routine work and have more time to focus on interacting with customers. This is helping us to deliver more proactive, value-added services.”

Rabobank continues to look for new ways to improve ways of working and deliver a superior customer experience. The bank is currently working on defining its strategic roadmap for the coming years, shaping a new vision and putting the IT systems in place to support it. 

Martijn Hagens concludes: “Our aim is to become more relevant for our customers. We are looking at new developments within the banking industry and changing trends among consumers, and using this insight to make improvements to our systems and processes. Succeeding in today’s banking industry demands continuous innovation to meet ever-higher customer expectations. Our partnership with IBM and Oracle enables Rabobank to understand what our customers want, and shape exceptional banking experiences that boost loyalty and profitability.”

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Formed in 1972 and headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, Rabobank is a multinational banking and financial services company. With operations across Europe, North America and Australia, the bank employs more than 46,000 people and managed assets of more than EUR 674 billion as of June 2015.

Solution Components

  • ClearCase and ClearQuest
  • ClearCase and ClearQuest
  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle
  • GBS AD&I - EA - Oracle - Siebel
  • GBS BCS EA - Oracle
  • IBM Global Business Services
  • IBM Power Systems
  • Oracle Siebel CRM On-demand

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