Business challenge

Inomera Research sought to provide its customers with the ability to efficiently monetize the hidden value of their business data with a high degree of flexibility and scalability.


Utilizing API management technology, based on IBM API Connect software and DataPower Gateway, Inomera Research provides its customers with a way to quickly build, deploy and manage APIs



faster API time to market, from 1 year or more to 6 months


new revenue streams through monetization of business data


monetization models for API subscribers

Business challenge story

Realizing value in business data

Organizations across industries are realizing the enormous revenue potential of their business data and are searching for more ways to anonymize and commercialize it. Where, for some years, companies have made valuable sets of data available to marketing enterprises and other bidders by developing APIs one at a time, the advent of API management technology means they can develop and publish APIs at greater scale and efficiency than before, monetizing business data via flexible sets of services. IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo predicts that by 2020 there will be more than 1 million public APIs available to developers—up from about 20,000 now.

Inomera Research recognized a particular need for API management among telecommunications companies, which were typically taking more than a year to complete and launch one-off APIs for providing access to subscriber data. “Average revenue for telecom throughout the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Turkey and the general Middle East is decreasing due to competition from Internet companies and other voice companies,” says Kaan Bingol, CEO and Co-Founder of Inomera. “APIs appeal to them as a new source of revenue and also a new type of service they can provide, because they have a significant amount of subscriber data, such as income data, that can be exposed to other companies, like retailers and financial services organizations. Türk Telecom, for instance, has more than 10 million subscribers, and they gather—explicitly and implicitly—data from these individuals, many of them high-income. The company, and others like it, wanted us to facilitate secure banking and retail access to that data through branded APIs.”

The key for Mr. Bingol and for Inomera’s customers was an easily-deployable API management tool that would, in turn, speed the building and deployment of productized and custom APIs. And once built, those branded APIs needed to be deployed in a manner and with a system ensuring security and scalability.

From the perspective of our customers, API Connect is unlocking the enormous value of their internal data with unprecedented scalability and flexibility.

Kaan Bingol, Chief Executive Officer, Inomera Research

Transformation story

Scaling data monetization with API management software

Inomera developed an API portal and management solution that is available to customers either on-premises or through Inomera’s cloud delivery platform. The company’s first step when providing the solution is to consult with its customers to help identify data that can be productized and estimate its value. Inomera then implements IBM API Connect and IBM DataPower Gateway technology as the core of the API management solution.

“We’re using API Connect to build and catalog APIs, and then deploying and running them on the DataPower platform. DataPower manages all security, governance and service-level agreements pertaining to those APIs, capturing all that information from the API traffic and pushing it back to API Connect, which collects all the analytics information used for monetization.” Further, the IBM components enable self-registration and onboarding processes for API consumers, which lightens the workload and speeds time-to-value for Inomera’s customers.

On top of these capabilities, Inomera layers its own solution for flexible monetization, enabling customers to implement a range of usage and payment models with their branded APIs. For example, the companies can choose to charge for access to a given API on a pay-per-month basis, a pay-per-call basis or any other metric, such as the volume of data flowing through the API or the amount of value added to the API consumer’s business transactions.

Results story

Opening new ways of doing business

Inomera’s customers are using API management to more efficiently build robust commercial partnerships with retailers and financial services companies.

Using Türk Telecom as case-in-point, Mr. Bingol says Inomera’s strategy has been validated in the marketplace. Banks, for example, require two levels of authentication to access an account from a mobile phone: a password and phone number verification. And because people change devices and phone numbers often, virtually every bank in Turkey pays for a Türk Telecom API that verifies mobile numbers. “Türk Telecom found that its APIs are very welcome in the market. They immediately began selling to very large financial institutions.” Moving forward, Türk Telecom and other Inomera customers can not only efficiently manage their API portfolios, they can also continue to add new APIs with relative ease, enriching their services and increasing the value they provide to their customers.

Inomera’s API management solution is helping companies reduce the total time required to develop and deploy new APIs from over a year, and sometimes up to two years, to just six months. And those companies now have true visibility into their APIs—what they’re exposing, and who they are exposing it to, and at what price they are selling it. If they want to expose certain information to banks, they can do it much easier now through the IBM API Connect and DataPower Gateway platform.

Mr. Bingol, putting his sales hat on, says, “API management is something that complements our telco service—a value-added service unit. That’s the benefit for us. From the perspective of our customers, API Connect is unlocking the enormous value of their internal data with unprecedented scalability and flexibility.”


Inomera Research

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Inomera is a leading research and software company and developer of mobile internet and cloud computing technologies and services. The company serves customers in the communications, finance, manufacturing and retail industries, offering a cloud based mobile engagement platform that allows companies to know and understand their mobile users, send highly targeted campaigns and analyze engagement without any upfront technology investment.

Solution components

  • API Connect
  • DataPower Appliances

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