Valentine’s day: When talking cognitive and blockchain will make your loved one’s eyes sparkle!

Why Valentine is excellent inspiration for Fintechs Today is Valentine’s day, the day people around the world celebrate love.   Doesn’t matter if relation wise, you are just a start-up or, like me, in a more mature position, today couples surprise their significant others with little tokens of their affection: a card, flowers, dining out, or […]

Vermijd de perfecte storm met Security Intelligence in de cloud

In 2016 werden we met onze neus op de feiten gedrukt: in een steeds verder gedigitaliseerde wereld is geen enkel bedrijf nog veilig van cyberaanvallen. Tegelijkertijd wordt het steeds moeilijker om je tegen aanvallen te beschermen. Een aanpak in de cloud kan een deel van het in-house securitypersoneel ontlasten. Sta me toe om in lijn […]

I believe in a 50:50 Planet

My name is Snezana Zivcevska and I have been working at IBM for already 10 years. I am a Project Manager at IBM GBS Application Innovation Consulting, and I currently work on Transition and Transformation project for Philips Lighting. Next to that I am also part of the team who works on the development of […]

Comment faire travailler ses collaborateurs de manière mobile et bloquer les logiciels malveillants?

50 % des Belges possèdent un smartphone, soit 9 % de plus que l’année passée, selon Sanoma. Ce chiffre augmentera encore certainement l’année prochaine et les chances que vous utilisiez un tel appareil chez vous ou au bureau sont grandes. Nous prenons rendez-vous à la banque ou chez le coiffeur entre une réunion et une […]

Diversity of thought and diversity of people enables the creation of impactful innovations

Have you ever had that feeling of ease when you are in a crowd of people and fully fit in? They have a similar background and lifestyle as you, they speak the same language and share similar hobbies. It’s the same feeling you get when you buy a piece of clothing that is so comfortable […]

A bit of a personal story, trip to the Science Fair

When I was in high school in Spain we had an annual trip to the local science fair. One year I came across a video stand that showed a prediction of the future. There were flying cars, buildings that reached up beyond the clouds, and robots of various shapes and sizes. At the end of […]

Hidden Figures, by Anke Hollanders

My name is Anke Hollanders, I am currently working as an IT architect in the Global Technology Services department of IBM. Technology has been the leading subject throughout my career. I have been working for IBM for 20 years; started as a Unix System Engineer and later grew into the IT architect role. When I […]

Why tell customers about their personal data? Just because GDPR says so?

Transparency is one of the key parts of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with which companies must comply by May 25, 2018. Personally I find this very surprising. I’m not talking about the fact that under this new legislation, individuals gain the right to know what personal data an organization has collected […]

Pact 4 Youth leaders meeting

Making business-education partnerships the new normal. Brussels, 22nd of December- One year ago the European Commission together with CSR Europe, IBM, Nestlé, Solvay and several other companies launched the Pact 4 Youth, a partnership to make business-education collaboration the “new normal” across Europe. It’s a mutual commitment to support the creation of 10,000 quality business-education […]