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Determining the ideal moment for maintenance on a solar-panel farm on the basis of weather forecasts, performing fast, accurate quality control on a production line, and predicting a defect in a pipeline or improving safety on the work floor: it’s all possible with the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS). The latest version of this Enterprise Asset Management platform (EAM) is more extensive than ever. What’s new to IBM MAS and what benefits does it deliver?

IBM MAS is an all-inclusive EAM cloud platform that integrates with almost any technology. As such, the platform can gather and analyse all internal and external data from every possible asset. All kinds of organisations, such as producers, logistics service providers, infrastructure managers and energy suppliers can perform their asset management tasks more quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently. IBM MAS is also used in various sectors from the civil infrastructure to the care sector.



IBM Maximo has been a constant for about 20 years; over the course of time, the software has amply proven itself and has been frequently expanded with more innovations. With the latest version of IBM MAS, IBM goes a step further by adding, in a single hit, an enormous number of extra possibilities in the area of data collection from IoT devices, cameras and Digital Twin exchange. In addition, IBM provides solutions like predictive maintenance, visual inspection and worker safety. The new version includes the Asset Performance Management functionality (APM) and now runs on a Red Hat Open Shift infrastructure.


Open platform

Would I like to accommodate data and applications on premises or in the cloud? Or is a hybrid variant the most secure and beneficial choice? And which applications am I best running locally? IBM MAS makes these questions irrelevant. The open platform acts as a linking software layer that integrates all legacy and new systems. Or one open, central location for the use of all data and the development of company-specific applications. Organisations can now base their predictions on a much more complete set of internal and external data. At the same time, with IBM MAS, they take care of all their data housekeeping; the basis for a successful ‘Journey to Predict’.


Artificial Intelligence and infrastructure

AI plays an important role in the filtering of insights from a mountain of (maintenance) data. The analysis of such large amounts of data is not manageable for people. In addition, it’s possible to enrich existing applications with AI. A wonderful example of this is the Danish company Sund & Baelt. They use the new MAS industry solution for Civil Infrastructure to improve the safety of the third longest bridge in the world. They use drones with cameras and that are trained in AI detection to check the gigantic bridge pillars for irregularities and, for example, fast-growing cracks in the weight-bearing construction of the bridge. Repairs can be performed more quickly, which has the additional benefit that the lifespan of the asset is significantly extended. This also has a positive effect on the sustainability of the bridge.

The American president wants to invest 2,000 billion dollars in infrastructure … These expensive civil infrastructure constructions will also need to be maintained for years. Imagine the costs that these will result in—and the savings a platform like IBM MAS can deliver. Inspection, analysis and the drafting of advice take people hours, but are performed by IBM MAS in a single second thanks to AI. And once it has learnt something, AI never forgets. This means a positive spiral of constant optimisation, without any extra human efforts or investments.

The many new possibilities of IBM MAS are just the beginning. A new technology, application or asset? Your organisation can link everything to this central software layer. In the meanwhile, we at IBM are not just resting on our laurels. Innovations and expansions will keep coming, so that you can keep optimising your asset management in the future using a single central platform with the latest technological possibilities.

Would you like to know more about IBM MAS? Contact me.


Business Partner Manager Netherlands @ IBM for Asset management, Internet of Things, Supply Chain and AI.

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