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Data-driven asset management with IBM Maximo Application Suite and Cloud Pak for Data

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IBM has enhanced its Enterprise Asset Management platform, IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS), with IBM Cloud Pak for Data: a supporting platform which provides a framework for combining a variety of data from different areas of an organization. How does IBM Cloud Pak for Data help organizations gain additional asset management insights from available data?

The number of intelligent stand-alone and edge devices is increasing. This Internet of Things (IoT) is generating more and more data. What information can these devices provide organizations and what insights can be gained? “Most companies are aware of data capabilities but have problems making good use out of them. IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps solve this. Firstly, it integrates data from different silos and makes it available via a single platform. All kinds of data can be combined, from sales figures to stock management, and from investment costs to maintenance data,” explains Peter den Haan, Technical Sales Manager Data & AI at IBM.

One platform for all asset data
By adding IBM Cloud Pak for Data to IBM MAS, IBM is opening up a world of possibilities for more data-driven asset management. IBM Cloud Pak for Data allows to combine various asset data such as historical maintenance data, information about asset usage, supplier information from manuals and sensor data about, for example, temperature, vibration or output of assets. Den Haan: “This creates a more integral view on all data, which helps organizations to discover trends, make predictions and take better informed asset management decisions.”

Help to climb the AI Ladder
IBM Cloud Pak for Data in IBM MAS supports organizations to climb the AI ​​Ladder: to become increasingly mature in harnessing data for asset management. This applies to all four steps on the AI ​​Ladder:

  1. Collect – making available, collecting and structuring asset management data and other relevant data.
  2. Organize – setting rules for different data from a compliance, governance and security perspective.
  3. Analyze – analyzing the data and providing insight into the results and trends in dashboards, developing AI models.
  4. Infuse – linking insights to action by integrating analytics results and AI models into business processes.

Three important components
How can IBM Cloud Pak for Data in IBM MAS help organizations filter asset management information from data? Den Haan answers this by pinpointing three important components within Cloud Pak for Data:

  • Watson Studio
    The available sensor data, maintenance data and other data can be analyzed by data scientists. They can easily build dashboards and models using AI. Cloud Pak for Data makes it easy to integrate additional data, which means more information can be combined in analysis and models. Think of production data, usage conditions, work planning and financial information.
  • Watson Machine Learning
    Analysis and models must be integrated into applications and made available to the organization on the fly. For example, within dashboards for operators or maintenance planners to help them make well-informed decisions.
  • Watson Discovery
    This text analysis functionality and search tool allows operators and maintenance engineers to quickly find the right information in textual data, such as manuals, problem analyses and historical maintenance information.

On-the-spot advice
What can I do best based on certain data? Maintenance engineers, operators and other employees who work on assets on site can sometimes use some extra advice. Especially now that machines are becoming more complex and generate more and more data. IBM Maximo Assist provides them with targeted advice based on all available asset management data directly on their mobile device, such as a tablet or phone. This enables them to make better maintenance decisions earlier on, work more safely, prevent downtime and save costs.

Would you like to know more about the capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Data in IBM MAS?

Read the success story of the Autostrada A1 motorway in Italy.


Business Partner Manager Netherlands @ IBM for Asset management, Internet of Things, Supply Chain and AI.

Peter Den Haan

Technical Sales Manager Data & AI, IBM

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