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IBM Launches IBM Sofia Accelerator Program to help Bulgarian startups develop AI and Cloud-based solutions

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  • Inviting Bulgarian startups to apply for the IBM Sofia Accelerator program – a 12-week tailored program to help startups develop AI and Cloud-based solutions for the enterprise market
  • Up to ten selected startups will work hand-in-hand with the IBM experts to co-create enterprise solutions based on IBM Cloud and AI technology, such as IBM watsonx
  • Accepted companies get a dedicated Bulgarian contact person from IBM and mentorship throughout the program period
  • At the program conclusion, startups will pitch solutions at an open »Demo Day« for investors, IBM executives and business partners

Earlier last week, we announced the launch of the IBM Sofia Accelerator program
a 12-week customized program to help Bulgarian startups accelerate their business with AI and Cloud technology and develop new solutions for the enterprise market.

This program, built in-house and operated by the IBM SMEs in Sofia, is designed specifically for startups in Bulgaria.

We invite up to 10 startups to join the program and co-create with us and with IBM technology new industry-tailored solutions that will drive innovation and create value for companies across Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Energy and Utilities and others. At the end of the program, startups will have an opportunity to pitch their solutions at an open »Demo Day« event with investors in June 2024.

-> Read more about the program & how to enroll here:
Also, check the program’s timeline & benefits for startups here: IBM Sofia Accelerator ONEPAGER (pdf)

Every industry has a high demand for AI
According to McKinsey, global enterprise AI adoption is on the rise and has more than doubled since 2017. IBM’s recent global CEO Study finds that 75% of CEOs surveyed believe their competitive advantage will depend on who has the most advanced generative AI. In addition, CEOs see productivity as their

IBM invites up to 10 startups to work hand-in-hand with IBM experts and external mentors to co-create enterprise solutions, using IBM watsonx and Cloud technology.

highest priority over the next 3 years – and here AI is key, as it helps companies to automate tasks, analyze data faster, and make smarter decisions, all of which save time and resources.

Companies in every industry speak about AI with their time, money, and interest. However, many executives surveyed say their organization is not ready for AI adoption, because they lack in-house proficiency and reskilling can be costly.

To help support Bulgarian companies on their AI adoption journey, the IBM Sofia Accelerator program will provide the startups with a unique opportunity to build or enhance their solutions on IBM watsonx, IBM’s new AI and data platform for business. By embedding IBM watsonx into their own solutions, startups will be able to develop solutions that allow any company in any industry to easily deploy and embed AI across their business, manage all data sources, and accelerate responsible AI workflows — all on one platform.

Besides IBM watsonx, startups will also work with the IBM Cloud technology and have access to IBM Infrastructure.

Training, Mentorship and More

Industry-specific solutions require in-depth knowledge of the industry. That is why, we brought to the program a range of IBM and external mentors, who will be mentoring startups throughout the 12-week program. Mentors include IBM Subject Matter Experts with technical and industry skills and external mentors, such as successful entrepreneurs, investors, and IBM ecosystem partners.

This will enable the startups to customize activities within business, build new solutions that best fuel their journey and ultimately, speed up the time needed to bring solutions to the market.

Take the opportunity to get the full power of IBM to fuel your startup journey!

The application cycle opens on Jan 1, 2024, and will close on February 15, 2024.
If you are eager to understand more about the program details before the application cycle opens, write us at

Let’s build something great together.

*IBM Sofia Accelerator is an equity-free program.

Co-Founder & Program Lead @ IBM Sofia Accelerator | Squad Lead, IBM Support Insights

Georgi Kaludov

Technical Vitality Development Manager (TVDM) for TLS, IBM Bulgaria

Simeon Lazarov

Brand Partner Specialist, Data & AI, IBM Technology Sales, Bulgaria

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