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The IBM Sofia Accelerator provides a 12-week intensive professional program designed to foster the development of solutions targeting the enterprise market (not limited to). The program targets companies that have already received funding in the post-Seed and Round A stages, with the ultimate goal of establishing enduring technology and business partnerships with IBM on a global scale.

The program's objective is to furnish startups with industry knowledge and emerging technologies, enabling them to broaden business prospects and attract investor support. Upon program completion, each participating company will have the chance to showcase their work at an Investor Demo Day, which will be attended by angel investors, venture capitalists, IBM executives, media representatives, and prominent figures in the industry. Additionally, after graduation, IBM will make efforts, where feasible, to promote these solutions and support the companies in expanding their international sales on a global scale.

IBM orchestrates two 3-month programs annually, one spanning from April to June, and the other from October to December. Here’s what happens during the 3 months of IBM Sofia Accelerator:


• Access to Tech Experts
• Access to IBM Cloud credits
• Access to IBM watsonx tech
• Industry Knowledge
• Mentorship & Coaching
• Access to Investors and Clients



We will delivered by successful start-up founders and entrepreneurs, revealing the vibrant reality and challenges, exposing the colourful reality and difficulties that aren't often apparent behind the scenes.


Once every two weeks we review IBM portfolio of products and services with IBM experts and startups, to co-create and decide how to leverage those products/services within the startup solution. 


A significant portion of activities at IBM Sofia Accelerator unfolds during office hours. Group partners conduct weekly group office hours with pre-scheduled one-on-one sessions with founders. Topics discussed during office hours depend on the company's stage and their technological challenges.


At the program conclusion, each company will have an opportunity to present at an open Demo Day to investors, venture capitalists, IBM executives, and industry leaders. Upon graduation, where possible IBM will seek to market the solutions and assist companies with international scale.


- Most sessions will be held at IBM CIC Sofia
- Other locations are selected based on speakers preferences
- Schedule may be the subject to changes


• 29 – Inauguration


• 02 – Becoming Unicorn (Team, Solution, culture of success)
• 10 – IBM Portfolio and IBM Partner Plus Program
• 11 – Hyper Scaling, Fundraising, Exit (US time)
• 16 – Doing Space (Creating deep tech products)
• 18 – Transport & Logistics Industry Session & Challenge
• 23 – Emerging Tech - AI, Hybrid Cloud and Quantum
• 25 – Banking Industry Session
• 30 – SaaS for Enterprise

• April 8-19 Kick-off meetings with Tech Mentors


• 09 – Investor Relations
• 14 – Legal for Startups & IP Management
• 16 – Foundation AI models - overview, capabilities, use cases and demo
• 23 – Execution, Transparency, VC Evaluating Strategies, Auditing for Areas of Improvement
• 28 – VC and Exit (US Time)
• 30 – How to win Corporate Clients


• 04 – Implementing AI solutions per domain
• 06 – Product Management
• 11 – Transmetrics and IBM
• 13 – Implementing AI solutions per domain
• 18 – Health & Longevity Startups
• 20-25 – Coaching from Industry and Tech Mentors

• 28 – DEMO Day

Experience ADVICE

After successful graduation of the program startups who would like to continue collaborating with IBM can explore more opportunities with IBM partner programs, IBM Client Engineering, Tech Sales, or Call for Code for Startups at IBM.


Throughout the program, startups are organized into 2-4 groups, each led by group partners offering guidance through one-on-one and group office hours. These groups are further divided into sections, ensuring an intimate setting within the larger batch.


Annually, IBM Sofia Accelerator hosts a formal gathering of alumni, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas among founders, leading to potential deals, and peer-driven problem-solving.


Founders utilize the Slack platform for networking. Each cohort has its dedicated Slack channel, and founders can tag themselves as experts in specific topics. This platform serves as a knowledge hub with a diverse community, including founders, investors, and various domain experts.

IBM Sofia Accelerator Inauguration
Participants Childish.AI / Predoctor


"Childish.AI brings together the power of data science and AI and vast tech expertise into robust custom software solutions."


Digital Lights / Roadsense


"Digital Lights is a software company enlightening technological innovations by bringing strategic clarity, technical beauty and highest quality products & services. They are at the quest of building unique software solutions which connect people, businesses and mobility."

DynamicPricing AI


"Dynamic Pricing improve pricing strategies through a data-driven approach for pricing rules, market analysis and AI-assisting models. The outcome is optimized prices proven to increase profit and boost long-term revenue."



"Epix.AI are on a mission to cure age-related deseases and revolutionize healthcare by harnessing the power of epigenetics. They empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and ultimately extend and improve their healthspan."



"Finbryte streamline the mortgage process and build a connection with customers at every step of the journey. Their end-to-end application software enables banks and mortgage brokers to start selling mortgages online."



"iUX delivers unmatched depth of user-friendly risk intelligence to clients to aid them in knowing the financial risk and health of companies they work with."



"nPloy’s goal is to make the recruitment process as smooth and stress-free as possible. nPloy is quickly becoming the go-to place for all things career-related, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out."



"Obzerver provides computer vision solutions for clients to monitor the productivity of their business in minutes."



"Pollenity pioneers the future of biodiversity and sustainability. Their mission is to harness technology to positively impact ecosystems, promoting a healthier planet for future generations."



"QuarkXR provides the infrastructure that bridges powerful Cloud computing with immersive (AR/VR) devices on the edge."



"RabbIT provides innovative and intelligent solutions for businesses to comply with various regulatory requirements and prevent fraud."


The application is now disabled. In subsequent editions, we will be on the lookout for startups with a focus on digital health, customer experience, sustainability, cybersecurity, fintech, AI, data, and quantum computing.

--> Watch this space for further updates.  

How to apply? 1.

Fill out the application form to tell us about your solution, your team and the market you are in.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to meet IBM Sofia Accelerator team.


Up to ten startups will be accepted to the next class. Let’s build something great together.

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