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IBM watsonx-based solution of Datera speeds up the paperwork

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Companies are facing the need to accelerate and optimize their work while the amount of documents and required paperwork is increasing. Officials and government has the same challenges as companies when dealing with large amount of data in a timely and efficient manner on a daily basis.

The solution that helps companies and officials to analyze the documents in a fast manner is based on IBM watsonx and Llama 2. It was created by IBM Business Partner Datera and the solution is able to search documents for information and relationships and to generate required documents, helping for example officials spend more time in the field and less time in their offices.

IBM watsonx supports businesses with AI tools and technology, built on principles of trust and transparency, as they sort through the complex details to quickly pull information from large documents to parse terms and conditions. Core to watsonx is the principle of trust. As AI becomes more pervasive, businesses need to feel confident that their models con be relied to trustworthy data which comes from secured sources. IBM approach is to establish the right levels of rigor, process technology and tools to adapt in an agile fashion to an evolving legal and regulatory landscape.

“Datera created this software solution that helps to get valuable information from data chaos easily and quickly with the help of IBM watsonx. It provides users with the tools they need to process source documents and input data files, search for information using keywords or metadata, discovering hidden patterns, uncovering connections and facilitating fast and accurate data-driven decisions. The solution is built with humans as the decision maker, it makes suggestions and the operator moderates the final content. This happens via strict and reliable control of customers data which the system uses and subsequently creates from them documents that are needed in a further work.” says Walter Pavlis from Datera.

“Using novel deep learning architectures, IBM has developed watsonx AI models that could help organizations, enterprises, and data scientists to easily extract data from vast collections of documents. Watsonx next generation AI platform gives customers across industries access to high-quality, trustworthy data, enabling users to collaborate on a single platform,” says Fridrich Matejik, Country Leader IBM Czech Republic.

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