Uniting industry, technology and human potential

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Apply human determination and technological innovation to make a difference in the global community.

In this 4th issue of Industrious, you will find an entire year’s worth of industry stories centered around the convergence of technology and human potential. Learn how inclusion and responsibility can transform the way we work and live and how inclusion fuels and inspires innovation.

In this video, you can get a sneak peek of some of the stories covered in the magazine:

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Whether you’re in telco, manufacturing, travel, government, banking, security, or any other thriving sector, we hope this issue inspires you to unlock the hidden value between technology and human potential.

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The future of computing will be different. While current classical computers use transistors and logical circuits, IBM predicts that different kinds of technologies will be used in the future to optimize and solve problems we currently have only limited capabilities to resolve in due time. While today’s computers excel in classic logical problems, mankind has […]

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The transformative value of data

The transformative value of data Today, organizations in the industrial-related industries are dealing with unprecedented external challenges from both traditional and new market entrants, that is resulting in the need to redefine their relationships with their customers and also reinventing how indeed they deliver their core services. In IBM, we see our customers driven by […]

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Iceland is the coolest location for data centers

Did you know that Iceland is the place for sustainable data centers? Think of the following: When comparing the carbon emission of training a large AI model to that of the life-cycle carbon emission of an average American car (incl. production and recycling), emissions of the AI model are about five times greater than the […]

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