The Digital Developer Conference: AI & Cloud

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The Digital Developer Conference: AI & Cloud is designed for developers interested in Cloud and AI technologies by addressing the unique needs and challenges of today’s coders.

At this free online conference, you can get hands-on experience and engage with expert developers who will share insights on topics ranging from AI/ML innovation to open-source deep learning. Other topics include model bias identification, multi-cloud best practices, cloud security with DevSecOps, and how to get the most out of cloud native development.

Furthermore, you can hear client stories illustrating how technology is being deployed to address some of the biggest issues facing developers today.

As seen in the video, the online conference will offer two tracks (Cloud Native and Machine Learning) with keynote sessions, technical deep dives, and interactive labs. To make things even better, you can earn industry-recognized badges and participate from wherever you prefer for ultimate convenience – and it’s completely free of charge.

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Who should attend the Digital Developer Conference?

Cloud developers will gain insights into key technologies to rapidly build secure applications that can be managed and optimized across multiple cloud providers. Learn the required skills to master new open source tools for native container-based development, testing, and deployment. Obtain insights from the field on the best practices for creating secure microservices-based applications. Get hands-on with the IBM Kubernetes service and learn how to deploy containerized applications. Complete the Cloud Native track and receive the IBM Cloud Native badge.

Machine learning developers and data scientists can obtain skills in collaboration across teams, using top open source tools and scaling at enterprise speed. Learn how to build, train, deploy and manage effective models while getting hands-on experience understanding how to recognize and avoid AI model bias. Complete the Machine Learning track and receive the IBM Machine Learning badge.

Digital Developer Conference – Details and registration:

Digital Developer Conference Registration
Your office, home or anywhere in between (mobile device or laptop required)
Date and time: November 14th from 12 to 4:05 PM (GMT+1)
Agenda and additional information: Click here


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at urban.roth@se.ibm.com

Head of Startup with IBM accelerator Sweden

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