Marketing Academy: Expanding our Ecosystem’s Knowledge

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We are pleased to invite you to Marketing Academy workshops in Finland on November 13th, Norway on November 26th and Denmark on November 28th. All business partners and IBMers working with Partner Ecosystem are warmly welcome.

Growth from Knowledge

Partner Ecosystem is all about mutually sharing expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible solutions and services. We aim to do this with co-marketing, too. We have a new initiative to get there: ‘IBM Strategic Marketing Path to Growth’. The training path combines online and offline elements.

E-learning to Build the Foundations

The training journey begins with e-learning on Skills Gateway. The online course introduces strategic marketing fundamentals such as customer segmentation, buyer persona, value proposition, and narrative creation. The course consists of several modules and is strongly recommended for partners and IBMers alike. Awaken your strategic marketer’s mind-set here:


Workshop to Bring the Learnings into Action

The journey continues offline with Marketing Academy workshops where partners get to plan their integrated end-to-end marketing campaigns – hands-on. The workshops start with engaging speakers diving deeper into topics covered in the online courses. We also share inspiring success stories to bring theory into practice. Working on integrated marketing campaigns on-site with new learnings still freshly on top of mind will help you get the most out of IBM’s powerful co-marketing engine.

After the learning journey you will know how to:

idea generation

  • Create overall strategic marketing plan to reach your targets
  • Do needs-based client segmentation
  • Define buyer personas
  • Develop value proposition
  • Create a narrative around your value proposition
  • Make it all work in an integrated way

More than Co-marketing

Marketing Academy is a great opportunity to look at your whole buyer’s journey in a new light. The purpose is to enhance your co-marketing experience by showing why and how the tools and assets can be taken into action. It will help you fully leverage the co-marketing benefits as our strategic companions who have a shared business impact with us.

Let’s put smart to work. Let’s make better marketing. Together.

Marketing Academy Finland

November 13th, 2019

IBM Finland, Laajalahdentie 23, 00330 Helsinki, Finland

See full agenda and register

Marketing Academy Norway

November 26th, 2019

IBM Client Center, Lakkegata 53, 0187 Oslo, Norway

See full agenda and register

Marketing Academy Denmark

November 28th, 2019

IBM Client Center, Kongevejen 495B, 2840 Holte, Denmark

See full agenda and register

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at anja.dorner@dk.ibm.com

Channel Marketing Leader

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