IBM for CIO: The Rise of the CIOs

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IBM presents: Discover what “I” in Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can disrupt.

It isn’t just business leaders who are driving agility in top-performing companies. Savvy CIOs are enabling agility by empowering people and operations with data that makes a difference. Those CIOs are providing data that is timely and accurate. They are connecting the dots and shining a light on previously dark details.

They are enabling rapid insights into what might happen and what should be done. And they are doing it by leveraging a comprehensive, open, cloud-bred platform for data and analytics. IBM offers the platform, the tools and the expertise to help CIOs foster innovation, move with market-changing speed, accelerate insight, delight customers and transform their organizations. However, within the world of  IT, responsibilities are being radically reimagined.

As CIOs are called upon to do more with less, it is important that the “I” in CIO is redefined with ingenuity, inspiration, initiative and innovation in order to evolve the leaders’ role as organization leader.

Watch the video below to gather inspiration on how the “I” in CIO can mean more than Information

Click here to explore three ways CIO’s are redefining their roles to transform business and design disruption.

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