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IBM X-Force Command Experience – Cyber Security training on wheels

Discover the IBM X-Force Command Experience On your company’s worst day – exposed to a cyber attack – your team needs to act with speed, precision, and confidence. Security first-responders prepare by doing – not only by sitting in a classroom. That’s why IBM created X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center. It is a first-of-its-kind […]

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IBM launching: POWER9

At IBM, we are launching a new POWER generation built from the ground to meet the unique demands of the AI Era: The new POWER generation includes our latest POWER chip (9th. generation) which is designed to make your business ready for AI. On April 18th 2018 we will officially launch the POWER9 at Marienlyst […]

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Why Application Scanning is Important for Your Organization

Web applications are often proven to be one of the weakest links in overall corporate security, hence web application scanning is an important measurement in order to prevent and detect vulnerabilities in web applications. Corporations use millions of dollars in security, but sadly, hackers have been successful in finding a gaping hole in the corporate […]

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What’s the meaning of all the buzz?

The IT industry is as we all know a fast paced and ever-changing industry. There are product introductions almost every month from all kinds of vendors (software, hardware, services, cloud etc). Moreover, all vendors love to throw buzz words around to create the next big thing. So, what does it all mean? When starting to […]

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IBM Watson eHealth Meetup in Copenhagen

It is our pleasure to invite you to an informal meetup in Soho, Kødbyen in Copenhagen about IBM Watson and IoT within the health sector. Meet a range of experts within the field and learn more about related issues, such as: How does IBM work with eHealth ecosystems partners to create innovative solutions for municipalities […]

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IBM Domino 10 and beyond

In continuation of the long history of IBM Domino, IBM is investing in the long-term roadmap for the Domino product family. This is being done in a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies and intent is for a release 10 of the Domino portfolio in 2018 and moving forward. Join a very exclusive group who will […]

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Reducing incidents with Cognitive IT Delivery

Unfortunately, incidents have been a part of doing IT-business for many years – a part that most people would like to avoid completely. However, this is not that simple and in most cases not completely possible. But imagine if it was, or if we could drastically reduce the number of unwanted incidents? How do we […]

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October 12th Webinar: Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Listen in for a chance to further educate yourself on Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services (IMI), and how these services can support your business transformation objectives and reduce day-to-day management costs of IT environments. Our approach to IMI will deliver high availability, resiliency and performance, whether you are using IBM, 3rd party cloud, traditional on premise […]

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IBM for CIO: The Rise of the CIOs

IBM presents: Discover what “I” in Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can disrupt. It isn’t just business leaders who are driving agility in top-performing companies. Savvy CIOs are enabling agility by empowering people and operations with data that makes a difference. Those CIOs are providing data that is timely and accurate. They are connecting the dots […]

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