Explore three ways CIOs are redefining their roles to transform business and design disruption

Reshape IT and architect the future

Manage a data-driven, cloud-enabled foundation to support innovation throughout the business.

85 percent


For 85% of leading companies, hybrid cloud is accelerating digital transformation.

Growing up hybrid, IBM Center for Applied Insights, 2016.

72 percent


72% of business leaders believe a competitor will use data to disrupt their business within the next 3 years.

From Data to Disruption: Innovation Through Digital Intelligence, Harvard Business Review

Accelerate data intelligence and innovation

Fast track innovation with powerful insights to outpace the competition.

Create smarter apps and services

Drive innovation for customers and employees with design thinking and AI technologies for measurable business impact.

74 %

bar graph

74% of customers feel frustrated when website content isn’t personalized.

Customers Frustrated with Brands That Fail to Personalize, Loyalty360