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Christmas, a time for Nostalgia

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Holidays often brings a sense of nostalgia for times passed, things we’ve done and wishes we had.

This feeling helps us feel connected, not just through this festive season but at other times too.

IBM has been around for many Christmas’s; how many other companies have an archive web page that goes back to 1880!?

Here are a couple of nostalgic IBM videos based on the magic of Christmas:

1984 IBM Christmas Commercial – Dear Santa

1984 was one of the early years of the new era of the IBM Personal Computer or PC, with its 16 kilobytes of user memory (expandable to 256 kilobytes), one or two “floppy” disks and an optional color monitor.

1996 IBM Christmas Magic Commercial

At the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, IBM demonstrated the largest integrated information technology system ever seen by a mass audience. An estimated three terabytes of time-sensitive, transaction-oriented data were collected during accreditation, games management, scoring and other events, and passed through 7,000 microcomputers, 250 LANs, 500 data lines and 2,000 wireless computers and other system communications devices.

Hopefully these commercials have contributed to your holiday spirits. IBM wish all of you and your family a happy holiday.


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