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Mixed Migration Foresight

How has the Danish Refugee Council been awarded an Impact Grant through IBM’s CSR program?
This is through the project  Mixed Migration Foresight (MM4Sight) that aims at developing conceptual, tech-driven, probabilistic methodology utilizing fact-based datasets from multiple sources and combined with first hand observations and expert judgment.

The intend with the project is to find the connection between drivers of migration and migration itself, here we turn to statistics and machine learning. We build statistical models from past data that evaluate the influence of each driver to discover the strongest connections to migration.

Watch the video below to see how Technology and Humanity meets each other on the platform:


The concrete project is in line with the development policy and humanitarian strategy’s priority of a broad-based international migration effort that promotes new innovative approaches. At the same time, it is in line with the government’s TechPlomacy initiative, which is a new priority in the government’s foreign and security policy strategy, launched earlier this year.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has collaborated with IBM to develop and test an analysis tool, Predictive Modeling of Mixed Migration Flows, which, based on IBM’s technology, has the potential to predict migration and refugee flows, thus helping to ensure more efficient handling and a better humanitarian response. IBM is part of the co-operation on a pro bono basis and contributes with their latest technology, development of the model and training of staff in the Danish Refugee Council. The project will run until mid 2019.

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