Trust and transparency to the food we all eat

Learn how IBM Food Trust makes the world’s food supply more safe, smart and sustainable with blockchain! IBM Food Trust creates pioneering visibility and accountability in the food supply industry. It is the first network of its kind to connect farmers, processors, distributors, and retailers through shared record of food system data. In the video […]

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What downhill skiing has to do with our new developer webinars

I’m glad to announce our first Nordic webinar series for developers and tech enthusiasts. Like a fearless first time downhill skier we are jumping down different slopes to check out what you guys appreciate the most! On November 21st a webinar regarding whats to come with quantum computing went live. It’s available to try, and […]

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Become a BlueSmartie at IBM

Are you familiar with programming, do you understand basic IT architecture and do you want to be a student worker at IBM – working on projects within IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and Watson? Starting last year we ran a pilot in Denmark, where we allowed technically skilled students to work with prototyping on real live […]

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Visit IBM at VMworld Europe

Discover the power of IBM + VMware at VMworld Europe If you are attending VMworld Europe in November, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with IBM during the conference, and learn how we can help you make the most of your VMware environment, whether on-prem, in the Cloud or anything in between. Technologies like AI, […]

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Call for Code

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD The issue: Natural disaster preparedness and relief. How will you answer the call?   The Call for Code Global Initiative is the largest and most ambitious effort to bring startup, academic, and enterprise developers together and inspiring them to solve one of the most pressing societal issues of our time: […]

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Think 2018 in Las Vegas

Thanks to everyone who joined us for IBM’s flagship conference Think 2018 in Las Vegas. From the Nordic region, we were pleased to welcome 430+ clients and business partners at the Think 2018 event and the Partner World Leadership Congress! IBM Nordic is proud that so many exciting clients and Business Partners were on stage […]

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5 in 5 predictions: 5 innovations that will help change our lives within the next 5 years.

Our mission at IBM is to help our clients change the way the world works. There’s no better example of that than IBM Research’s annual “5 in 5” technology predictions. Here some of the biggest breakthroughs worked at in IBM Research’s global labs are showcased. Five technologies that we believe will fundamentally reshape business and […]

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IBM and Disruption capabilities go hand in hand

A few years back I saw an entertaining show by Dietmar Dahmen. He reminded me about the fact that we have seen disruption in the evolution of which we have been part.The invention of the wheel, adding a horse in front of a wagon and later when the wagon turned into a car driven by […]

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Blockchain 360° – Don’t play a guessing game with your supply chain

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in the market with IBM being considered as one of the leaders in Enterprise Blockchain technology.  The European Blockchain Marketing and Communications team is working hard to ensure that IBM stays ahead by promoting client stories and IBM capabilities through comprehensive digital marketing, events, press and analyst activity.  […]

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