Blockchain as a force for good

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Blockchain is a buzzing technology that has excellent potential to help to build a better society. But only if those developing and bringing it to market commit to important basic principles and then apply them.

Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum—especially innovations that can transform the world at a scale sometimes difficult to contemplate. Blockchain is one such innovative technology, and just like artificial intelligence (AI),  it has the capacity to deliver both good and “less than good” outcomes.

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We’ve seen both: In its relatively short history, blockchain has helped food retailers track and better respond to salmonella outbreaks. Furthermore, Tradelens has shown the potential of blockchain in supply chain management and the shipping industry. But it’s also been used by cryptocurrency fraudsters to carry out elaborate pump-and-dump initial coin offering (ICO) schemes.

The question is: How do we obtain the benefits of blockchain, and avoid or deter its misuse?

Read “Blockchain as a force for good: Five principles to build trust and real value” to see the five principles that we at IBM believe will make a positive difference.

Blockchain for good

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