Big Data

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” The quote above, made by W. Edwards Deming, refers mainly to the importance of data measurement and analysis when doing business. In IT, like in business, data analysis is equally important. Thus, for the last decade, we have been talking about Data Warehouses, Big Data, Data […]

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Self-Learning Data Catalogs – Savior of Data Lakes or Populist Promise?

Self-Learning Data Catalogs – Savior of Data Lakes or Populist Promise? In an increasingly complicated world you would like to see easy solutions for difficult problems. Is a Data Catalog the solution or an inflated promise when companies meet Big Data challenges? Introduction The development of artificial intelligence (AI) requires high-quality and versatile data. Not […]

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Event: Let’s put your data to Life!

Join us at IBM LIFE 2019 – where you’ll put your data to life. On this day we focus on the big challenges that exist and ways we can handle them. There is a growing ambition that computers will help diagnosing and proposing prescriptive advice to meet challenges concerning our health, life and society. Modern […]

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I pledge to Be Equal.

Our invitation. Our call to arms. To engage IBMers, customers and society at large in promoting the advancement of gender equality in business leadership. Hear from IBM leaders as they share their tips and pledges to create a more equal workplace. IBM has a continued commitment to diversity and inclusion. A decade before the Civil […]

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Cloud transformation now and in the future

In late January, an event called Tivi Cloud & Data Center 2019was arranged in Finland, which succinctly bundled up the challenges and opportunities in cloud and data center solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all model for optimum management of IT infrastructure. The cloud has created new expectations of IT. Different user groups require fast operating capabilities, […]

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Vital tips for the new CIO

In my previous blog post “The Three “I’s” of the new CIO role“, we touched upon three keywords of focus for the new CIO to transform their own roles beyond traditional business, technology and leadership, namely: Ingenuity, initiative, and inspiration. In this blog, three concrete tips for the successful CIO of the future will be […]

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The new Norway must build on the old one

Computer technology is changing the world, but in pursuit of the new Norway, it is easy to forget that most of the future solutions will be built in interaction with the old one Under the theme “The hunt for the new Norway”, NTNU, Sintef, Tekna and the Research Council of Norway will arrange the traditional […]

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The Three “I’s” of the New CIO Role

Information Is Not Enough For CIOs to be successful in helping drive digital transformation, they must first transform their own roles by expanding beyond traditional business, technology, and leadership areas of focus to include the “three I’s” of the new CIO: ingenuity, initiative, and inspiration. The successful CIO of the future will embody these key […]

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Trust and transparency to the food we all eat

Learn how IBM Food Trust makes the world’s food supply more safe, smart and sustainable with blockchain! IBM Food Trust creates pioneering visibility and accountability in the food supply industry. It is the first network of its kind to connect farmers, processors, distributors, and retailers through shared record of food system data. In the video […]

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