Are you transforming customer interaction into valuable insights?

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Digitization means that we have more ways to communicate than ever before. Still, many choose to keep using traditional channels such as telephone calls when they want to contact customer service. Many companies, however, have found that it’s too costly to offer this type of service, and don’t see the potential in collecting the data. At Voxo, we want to change all that.

Our platform lets us help companies perform detailed analyses of telephone calls. Through our AI and voice analysis solutions, we can provide insights in real time. This increases understanding of customer opinions, problems, and needs. As such, the customer dialog can become a valuable asset for business development.

One company with which we’ve had a close collaboration is Coop. Previously, Coop has been able to extract general statistics from total call volumes but has lacked the tools to generate detailed insights from this vital source of information. Thanks to our platform, the company can now make more informed decisions. These are no longer based on assumptions and convert valuable data into far-reaching improvements.

Voxo helps Coop turn insights into action

In the past year, we’ve seen many positive results from creating solutions based on these customer insights. This information is becoming increasingly important in many different industries. However, it also requires more flexible and scalable methods from us. The fact that Voxo is part of Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden has given us both technical and business advantages. Working with such an established player in the market means that we can use our innovative power to help more companies grow.

Through the collaboration with IBM, we have the possibility to:

  • Provide a safe, flexible platform that our customers can rely on and feel confident about. Today, personal data management is more important than ever before.
  • Offer a standardized rollout, regardless of whether a firm is operating in the cloud or its own server hall; this simplifies the implementation process.
  • Strengthen our offering by making the service available in IBM Cloud. This also builds greater confidence on the part of our customers.

Becoming more attentive to what our customers are saying is absolutely necessary to keep developing the company. To succeed with this, it’s essential to interact with customers in the channels that they feel most comfortable using. Also there is need to transform the information that’s accessible there into invaluable insights.

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About Voxo

Voxo is a Swedish tech company specializing in conversation-based AI solutions. The firm offers various services and tools through its platform. With Voxo-developed models for management, analysis and visualization of voice conversation data. The company was founded in 2016 and currently works with customers in the Nordic region and Europe.

CEO Voxo

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