Let’s start by explaining, at a very high level, the concept of digital transformation. It’s a term used to describe the strategic evolution of methods, business behaviors and company culture to deliver value to customers. You may wonder if it’s just a buzzword and how much effort companies really devote to digital transformation.

Solely looking at digital transformation spending should make it clear that it’s here to stay. One forecast by IDC states that worldwide spending on digital transformation technology and services may reach $1.97 trillion in 2022[1]. The manufacturing industry is expected to invest the most, followed by transportation and retail. An organization’s transition can feel overwhelming as today’s customers expect a lot. So where can technology leaders go to stay knowledgeable?

Online conversations around digital transformation can be broad, varying in content around industries, technologies, IT solutions and much more. Follow these thought leaders to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in digital transformation.

Here are the top 10 people in digital transformation you should follow on Twitter (in alphabetical order):

Dez Blanchfield – Chief Data Scientist, Gara Guru

Dez is a strategic leader in business & digital transformation, with experience in mobile, the Internet of Things, data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain and banking. Follow Dez on Twitter.

Ken Bonifay – North America Sales Leader – Financial Services Market, IBM

Ken helps Fortune 500 companies make data actionable by leveraging marketing technology and engagement solutions. You can find him talking about fintech, customer experience, AI, digital banking and more. Follow Ken on Twitter.

Sally Eaves – Member, Forbes Technology Council

Professor Sally Eaves has been described as the “torchbearer for ethical tech.” She has founded Aspirational Futures to help skill, empower and support the next generation of interdisciplinary talent into careers yet to be conceived, alongside scaling the application of emergent technology as an enabler for business transformation and social good. Follow Sally on Twitter.

Antonio Grasso – Founder & CEO, Digital Business Innovation Srl

Antonio is regarded as one of the top influencers on AI, cyber security, digital transformation, IoT, and blockchain. Follow Antonio on Twitter.

Dr. Robin Kiera – Speaker, Thought Leader, Storyteller, DigitalScouting.de

Dr. Kiera has worked in several management positions in insurance and finance. He is a renowned insurance and insurtech expert and regularly speaks at technology conferences around the world. You can also see him blog regularly on digitalscouting.de.  Follow Robin on Twitter.

Joe McKendrick – Analyst and Contributor, CBS Interactive, Forbes, Information Today

Joe is an author and independent researcher, covering innovation, information technology trends and markets, pondering disruption, tech and otherwise. Follow Joe on Twitter.

Mike Quindazzi – Managing Director US Digital Alliances, PwC

Mike helps his clients grow and find their competitive advantage – whether that entails global expansion, accelerating digital, improving customer experience, transforming organizations, or implementing complex systems. He speaks to the C-suite on global megatrends and emerging technologies. Follow Mike on Twitter.

Jacqui Shawley – Global Market and Offering Manager, IBM Z

Jax has extensive experience across many areas of marketing in high-tech B2B industries. You’ll see blockchain, digital transformation, DevOps and security discussions throughout her feed. Follow Jax on Twitter.

Ronald van Loon – Director, Adversitement

Ronald helps his clients to navigate their digital transformation and its subsets – data science, big data, IoT, predictive analytics and business intelligence. Follow Ronald on Twitter.

Helen Yu – Founder & CEO, Tigon Advisory Corp.

Helen is a global customer success executive and board advisor who delivers value through multi-faceted perspectives for driving growth, solving complex challenges and turning around underperforming organizations. Follow Helen on Twitter.

Your digital transformation journey can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to go at it alone. IBM Z helps clients innovate and tackle today’s toughest challenges. Learn more about how our clients are confronting their own digital transformation.

[1] https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS44440318

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