IBM and Microsoft believe in providing you with the power of choice so you can leverage the industry-leading asset management capabilities of Maximo Application Suite (MAS) deployed and operating on Azure. MAS is available from IBM or through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. When you choose to invest in MAS, you’re not just purchasing a license; you’re embracing an opportunity to tailor your asset management journey precisely to your unique needs and aspirations.

The next step in this exciting journey? Choosing IBM Consulting Maximo ManagePlus and leverage IBM experts to manage your MAS application and Azure cloud infrastructure.

Maximo ManagePlus highlights 

IBM Consulting Maximo ManagePlus provides:

  • Network planning, build, and operation
  • IBM Consulting provisions, manages, and operates your MAS environment on Azure

Key Benefits of running Maximo Application Suite on the Microsoft Azure Platform


  • Customize the MAS application per the needs of your enterprise.
  • Execute a MAS upgrade schedule that continuously aligns with your enterprise’s needs..

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate the need to hire, train, and retain MAS application and management expertise. Why incur the cost and risk developing in-house MAS expertise when you can access expertise that supports numerous MAS clients?
  • Eliminate the need to hire, train, and retain underlying Azure expertise. Why incur the cost and risk developing in-house cloud management expertise when you can leverage the expertise of a proven Azure managed services team that supports hundreds of clients operating thousands of hybrid cloud workloads?
  • Eliminate the need to deploy and evolve the tooling of standard operating procedures (SOPs) required to exceed your enterprise MAS availability of SLO (service level objectives).

Improve agility and productivity

  • Provide your enterprise MAS users with  24×7 access to MAS application experts.
  • Increase resolution of L2/L3 service requests.
  • Increase your enterprise application support without expanding your application support team.
  • Run your enterprise MAS application  on underlying Azure infrastructure  to continuously monitor and patch. This ensures that your hybrid cloud operations team can focus on other Azure workloads.
  • Increase your Azure workload without expanding your cloud operations team.
  • Streamline time-consuming work.

Improve stability

  • Manage people, process and tools with a proven track record to exceed MAS application and infrastructure availability SLO. Can your enterprise afford unplanned asset management system downtime?
  • Improve the stability of SLOs & service level agreements (SLAs).

Improve cyber security

  • Subscribe to Maximo ManagePlus to improve application and infrastructure patching cadence and automate endpoint security configuration.

Improve margin

  • Subscribe to Maximo ManagePlus to yield savings that the client can invest in new projects that target reducing bottom-line expenses or create/evolve brand differentiating, revenue generating products and services.

Act now with Maximo Application Suite on Azure

IBM and Microsoft have come together to give you the option of deploying Maximo Application Suite on Azure. Subscribing to Maximo ManagePlus allows you to leapfrog tedious MAS installation and management. Contact us today to embark on a secure and future-proof path for your business.

Learn more about Maximo ManagePlus Contact us today to get started with your business

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