August 4, 2020 By Kala Nenkova
Sai Vennam
2 min read

We are happy to announce the latest feature capabilities related to your IBM Cloud experience, from new SDKs and catalog filtering for enterprises to Bitnami OVA images being available for your use.

Catalog filtering in IBM Cloud enterprises

IBM Cloud enterprises enable you to centrally govern and manage your organization’s account structure, projects, workload isolation, and much more. Now, you can use filters to customize which products in the IBM Cloud catalog are available in accounts within an enterprise hierarchy. Filters that are set at a parent account-level apply to all child-account groups and accounts. For more information, see Managing products for an IBM Cloud enterprise.

We’re also adding CLI support for catalog filtering in IBM Cloud enterprises. You can now use the following commands to set and manage filters in accounts within an enterprise hierarchy: 

  • ibmcloud catalog filter get
  • ibmcloud catalog filter create
  • ibmcloud catalog filter offering
  • ibmcloud catalog filter delete

Each command operates the same at the enterprise level by default. You can also apply the commands to specific account groups in an enterprise. For more information, see the Catalogs management CLI plug-in.

Bitnami OVA images

The first delivery of the Bitnami Application Catalog to the IBM Cloud catalog happened in 2019, pulling in a number of Bitnami Helm Charts for deployment directly to IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service clusters. By combining IBM Cloud and the Bitnami application catalog, you can quickly access curated versions of the best open source software, with the testing and validation to ensure that they always run consistently and securely.

We’re excited for the next phase of this delivery—Bitnami OVA images are now available in the IBM Cloud catalog! With the deployment power of the IBM Cloud Schematics service, support is now available for third-party OVA images targeting vCenter Servers running on IBM Cloud for VMWare Solutions. To quickly find the available products in the catalog, click Software and select OVA Images from the Software list. Nearly 120 Bitnami OVA images are now available to install.

Consulting services

We now offer consulting services that aim to help guide you in transforming your business. Our consulting strategy combines expertise, tools, and methodologies to develop cloud strategies and implementation plans that align with your business goals. To check out the available consulting services, go to the catalog and click Consulting:

Catalog management SDKs

Four new Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the catalog management service, which includes private catalogs and software products, are now available:  

    • The IBM Cloud Platform Services Java SDK
    • The IBM Cloud Platform Services Node.js SDK
    • The IBM Cloud Platform Services Python SDK
    • The IBM Cloud Platform Services Go SDK

For more information, see the Catalog Management API reference

Check out the features in the IBM Cloud catalog. We are excited for your digital journey ahead. 

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