IBM Cloud Schematics: Enabling Infrastructure as Code

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Announcing the General Availability of IBM Cloud Schematics, a fully open, managed Terraform solution for deploying cloud infrastructure.

Manually configuring the infrastructure for cloud native applications is tedious and error prone. Automation reduces errors but typical automation solutions are cloud-vendor specific and require specialized skills. 

IBM Cloud Schematics offers a simplified solution for provisioning and orchestrating infrastructure across IBM Cloud and other resources supported by the Terraform engine. This is a fully open Terraform service, so you can create templates native to your organization's hybrid cloud environment. Leverage your best practices to save time and money, while increasing performance.

Define Infrastructure as Code with open technology

Schematics uses the popular open source Terraform provisioning engine to manage and deliver cloud resources like virtual machines, Watson cognitive services, and container clusters using the best practices of “Infrastructure as Code.”  

Infrastructure as code reduces costs, speeds delivery execution, and reduces risk by documenting and managing infrastructure using the same tools used in software engineering to document, version, and manage code.

Cloud infrastructure delivered as code is reusable, able to be placed under version control, easily shared with others, and can be used to replicate environments in a few clicks.

Key elements of IBM Cloud Schematics

Provision cloud infrastructure and accelerate application delivery into the IBM Cloud and the dozens of other cloud providers supported by the Terraform provisioning engine:

  • Deliver and manage infrastructure as code with template-driven automation.
  • Simplified interface for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure across multiple providers with a single user experience.
  • Built using the popular open source Terraform provisioning engine.
  • Available at no charge for all IBM Cloud users and available as a graphical UI, command line CLI, and REST API.
  • Take a look at some of our ready-built Terraform templates.

Learn more about Terraform:

Business value of IBM Cloud Schematics

IBM Cloud Schematics helps you automate delivery of infrastructure. Developers can spend more time building applications and less time building environments when cloud infrastructure is delivered with automation:

  • Reduce errors and security violations through the use of automation to codify and replicate infrastructure easily.
  • Create, collaborate, and share pre-built infrastructure templates published by IBM, partners, and others in the Cloud community.
  • Reuse valuable cloud assets. Infrastructure captured as code can be placed in version control, easily replicated, and shared across distributed teams. The result is improved development efficiency and a reduction in errors due to inconsistent and misconfigured infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Schematics reduces the pain of delivering infrastructure by providing a simplified user experience built with open technology.

Try IBM Cloud Schematics today. It’s free!

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